Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1950

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General, including Montreal PQ, and Windsor ON correspondence

(See Vancouver & B.C. correspondence below)

January 4 Document: RWP Discussion Bulletin, incl. by R.D. ''An explanation (on the J. Rose and K. Andrews document ''Should we support the UE''); on the CCL-CIO vs. the (Stalinist-dominated) United Electrical Workers union; our line is not Stalinophobic but neutral in this inter-bureaucratic struggle; the UE has been expelled from the mainstream of the Canadian labor movement, we choose to remain in it
01_11 Letter to Grenier (J-M Bédard) & Fitz (Murray D.)(Montreal), re: walkout by Jim & Kit after reading a letter to the branch; expecting your report on the purpose and powers of a (control) commission
01_20 Letter to Jean-Marie Bédard, re: the evolving nature of the Catholic syndicates; attempts to link with Yugoslav dissidents; Montreal branch matters
01_23 Letter to the Windsor ON branch, re: their first class a success; future class topics; covering the Lenin Memorial meeting
02_02d Letter to Ruth (Benson, SWP, New York), re: substantial civic election vote won; on Labor Challenge layout; the Rose attacks on the RWP ''bureaucracy''
02_21 Letter to the Windsor comrades, re: on printing their class leaflet; Don (D.'s) queries about the LC article on the unemployed union; progress with the class series; RD's critique of our branch radio script not thought out very well
02_21B Letter to J-M Bédard & Murray Dowson, Montreal, re: Rose`s attack on bureaucracy in the RWP (R. Dowson) and publication of his document as well as on the UE dispute
02_22 Letter to Hugh Dowson, Windsor, re: a note on the Rose attack on Ross
03_01 Letter to J-M Bédard, Montreal, re: upcoming LC deadline; need articles, BC CCF developments; opinions on Rose and the UE?
03_07 Letter to J-M Bédard & F(itz, Murray Dowson), re: shifting next LC to coverage of BC CCF convention as left moves out
03_21 Letter to Murray and Jean, re: our big LC play on BC CCF; a tough line against Quebec CPer Walsh; translations; Barry Brent's effective document against Rose
03_22 Letter to Don (D?), Windsor, re: demanding a retraction from the Tribune (Stalinist) slander; flooding CCF convention in BC with latest LC
03_30 Letter to the Windsor comrades, re: welcoming your comments on Labor Challenge; the Windsor class series; the Stalinist opposition to the unemployed union; trade union matters
03_ 99 Undated letter fragment found in March, to J-M Bédard, re: the Pierre Frank pamphlet on the history of Trotskyism
04_26 Letter to J-M Bédard, re: lining up a union job for a contact; Montreal branch affairs; response to the latest (April) bulletin?
04_99 (TIF) Document: RWP Internal Bulletin with entries by Rose; RD on ''A further note on the discussion;'' (on Rose's factional method of argument and conduct in the branch); RWP ''Convention Call''
05_10 Letter to the Windsor branch, re: advice not to leaflet CCF or CPP social events; our hot reception at a Toronto peace rally where we managed to speak
05_16 Letter to J-M Bédard, re: both RD and Barry taking on part-time jobs; the Stalinist-dominated Peace Congress; Ross threatened but is allowed to speak but not Barry as we leafleted the hall; booed on Yugoslavia; LC subs and admin
05_16B Letter to J-M Bédard, re: reaching out to the Montreal Yugoslavs
06_07 Letter to Warde (George Novack), SWP, New York, re: Canadian Yugoslav dissident journalist now in New York
06_23 Letter to Hugh Dowson, Windsor, re: the problem of the two Dons (D. and B.) as comrades and unionists; a query about Hugh's situation there vs. moving back to Toronto
07_03 Letter to Murray Dowson, Montreal, re: would he like to join the American expedition to Yugoslavia?
07_05 Letter to J-M Bédard, Montreal, re: funds for IS (FI) appeal?
07_07 Letter to Windsor branch, re: the project of a Canadian Youth Labor brigade to Yugoslavia; possibly we could send a comrade
07_21 Letter to J-M Bédard, Montreal, re: his sending clippings on Yugoslavia and the Korean war; a resolution from Vancouver re postponing the (RWP) convention; little success contacting Yugoslavs
07_27 Letter to J-M Bédard, re: situation in the Toronto branch touch and go as Rose's resolution only just defeated
08_01 Letter to Murray Dowson, Montreal, re: his series (on the Catholic church) getting a good response
08_16 Letter to J-M Bédard, re: a heavy mailing of LC to CCF left following right swing of leadership; the LPP and its NFLY front; notes on the IWA in Quebec, security concerns
09_05 Letter to Murray Dowson and J-M Bédard, re: Murray's next instalment on the Catholic church and other LC articles; a left caucus appearing in the BC CCF; Murray should go on a tour to BC
09_21 Letter to the Windsor Branch, re: CCF and Yugoslav contact work; a woman militant ready to join; Trotsky's suggested line-up for talks on the four internationals; the Windsor Branch established
09_22 Letter to a Henry M., Windsor, re: his erroneous letter on the nature of the Catholic church
10_01 Letter to J-M Bédard and Murray Dowson, Montreal, re: the rehash and errors of Rose's latest bulletin on the unions; critical remarks on J-M's article on the history of the FI;
10_03 Letter to Hugh Dowson, Windsor, re: minutes of first branch meeting received; should we invite Detroit SWP comrades to attend to help recruiting
10_17 Letter to J-M Bédard, Montreal, re: what is state of nationalist and antiwar sentiment in Quebec? The low CCF vote; an RWP statement on the Korean war; the centre's bad finances; our expulsion from NFLY
10_17B Letter to the Windsor branch, re: a critique of their Labor speakers script; PAC work and the scandal of Reaume's endorsation; a Toronto civic election campaign; Toronto classes and SWP visitors
10_27 Letter to the Windsor Branch of the RWP, re: need to avoid a serious error in supporting ''friend of labor'' Reaume
10_27B Letter to Don (B.), Windsor, re: need to overcome Don (D.)'s support of Reaume; his making a pledge to the fund drive
10_28 Letter to J-M Bédard, Montreal, re: his first instalment on the history of the FI
11_15 Letter to Hugh Dowson, Windsor, re: his arrest in Packinghouse strike action; Don (D.)'s apparent withdrawal of resignation threat
11_30 Letter to J-M Bédard and Murray Dowson (Fitz), re: Rose's latest proposals re branch voting on union matters; time for action against the f(r)action has come
12_06 Letter to J-M Bédard, re: need his translation of the IS (FI) Yugoslav letter; go ahead with the control commission over the holidays
12_15 Letter to J-M Bédard and Murray (Fitz), re: reporting the BC reaction to the Rose faction for the consideration of the control commission; Rose's politics re the CCF and the IUE-UE dispute and his assessment of working class consciousness; a detailed analysis
12_24 Letter to J-M Bédard, re: the translation of the IS (FI) Yugoslav letter; the operation of the control commission to hear charges against Rose
12_26 Letter to Murray Dowson (Fitz) and J-M Bédard (Grenier), re: Rose's latest two letter to the NC and to the IS (FI); Barry's blowup against Rose in the branch
12_28 Letter to G and F (J-M Bédard and Murray), re: their reply to Rose from the control commission, Rose's further motions to the branch
1950 Undated letter fragment(page 2), to Murray Dowson in Montreal, re: the factional attitude of Rose towards leading Toronto comrades; his sectarian attacks against the CCF and trade union leadership

Vancouver & B.C. correspondence - 1950

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01_03 Letter to Fergy, re: Vancouver comrade sending LC subs in from Edmonton; the value of long-time labor militants to the party
01_05 Letter to Charley (R.), to a IWA union militant with thanks for a generous M.O.
01_20 Letter to Comrades McDonnell, touching base, word of George Faulkner or Comrade Burki?
January 22 Letter to the Vancouver Branch, re: NC correspondence delayed by the civic election campaign; the question of an open Sunday not a class question; called for the vote for 18-year olds
Letter to Ellaline, re: a left-wing CCF woman writes to LC; fund drive quotas; our tone on Tito; the branch view on the IWA settlement? Need an analysis of the CCF in BC
Letter to Ruth Bullock, re: progress of the fund drive; the sub drive
Letter to Alex LaFortune: a critique of his suggested electoral antiwar slogan
01_23 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: Vancouver branch discussions on Yugoslavia, the UE and Rose's document, disagreement in their IWA fraction work; the Whalen-Bradley case document; a very good CCF contact in Trail; pitiful left-CCF positions in BC, our relations with Young and Cameron, need a rounded report on the CCF left
01_30 Letter to Eve S., re: the reliability of the Stalinist classics publications; our book account
02_22 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: need to schedule LC for next BC CCF convention; need your advice on focusing content for delegates
02_28 Letter to the Vancouver Branch Executive and Ellaline, re: subs and contacts; some prominent Toronto Stalinists migrating close to us
02_28B Letter to Bill (W.), Britannia Beach, re: our LC sub base good but subs expiring; Stalinist youth moving towards us in Toronto; any info on the Mine-Mill vs. Steel battle there?
03_09 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: need BC CCF resolutions to Penticton convention for LC
03_23 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: large LC sample mailing to BC CCFers; your reaction to issue; local unionist wrote Trail Mine-Mill vs. Steel article; Vancouver participation at convention; his document against Rose for the bulletin
03_24 Letter to Ruth Bullock, re: hopefully working with Trail contact at the convention
03_31 Letter to Bill (W.), Britannia Beach, re: sending Preiss book on Stalinist record in the unions; other Mine-Mill contacts in BC; extent of CP influence in Canadian unions diminishing
04_06 Letter to Court, Vancouver, re: subs received from a mass mailing; CCF leader David Lewis views us more ''dangerous'' than the CP
04_18 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: our unfortunate absence at Penticton; issues at the convention and left interest in pacifism; an internal bulletin with our convention call, our Trail militant in the CCF
04_25 Letter to the Vancouver Branch Executive, re: attendance at a national convention; sub drive; Vancouver correspondence with BC subscribers
04_99 Undated letter found in April, to Comrade Ellaline, re: defections in Britain but holding strong with Socialist Outlook
05_01 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: May Day meeting and next LC deadline
05_12 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: intervening in the Ontario Stalinist Peace Congress; a BC CCF club resolution re affiliating to the FI
05_17 Letter to Comrade Bray, re: the Labor Challenge article on the Winnipeg General Strike
06_09 Letter to Dick (C.) re unable to print his article in LC but encouraging him to become a writer
06_27 Letter to Ellaline, re: socialist films available; sending (internal) bulletins; regular NO reports not practical
06_27B Letter to Reg Bullock, re: how I had to butcher your IWA article to make it fit, BC developments; the Rose faction in Toronto; reaction to Brent's counter-document; Tom & Lloyd's IWA fraction; ours and the SWP's limited contacts with dissident Yugoslavs
07_07 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: the Youth Labor Delegation to Yugoslavia to possibly include a comrade
07_18 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: the upcoming CCF convention; the promising CCF and union activist in Trail
07_20 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: considering holding two regional conferences instead of a RWP convention; BC's asking for a delay
07_27 Letter to Cort (Court), re: Coldwell's attack on Trotskyists
07_31 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: the reaction of the BC left to Coldwell's attacks; our assessment of the CCF and RD's proposal for BC entry
08_16 Letter to Dick (C.), Vancouver, re: coverage of the CCF convention; LC's extensive reportage and plans to blanket the CCF; protests flood in to CCF News
08_16B Letter to Lucy McD., Vancouver, re: LC distributions at CCF pre-convention meeting; Coldwell stirring up the left in BC and Ontario
08_21 Letter to the Vancouver Branch, re: Toronto meeting of dissident CCFers, BC dissident CCFers call for a break from the federal CCF; consideration of our future entry in BC in order to intervene in any new independent socialist formation
09_05 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: good responses from LC CCF distribution; you or Dick need to write an article on the large left wing in the CCF; his and Ruth's meeting with the Trail militant (R.); the IWA meeting
.09_06 Letter to Dick (C.), re: his request for a critique of the CCF left's policies
09_22 Letter to Ruth Bullock, re: possible Stalinist inroads into the CCF left
10_02 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: Murray attending the SWP convention
10_24 Letter to Alex (L.), re: his book order and no party discount
10_28 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: looking for news of BC and articles for next LC
11_01 Letter to Dick (C.) Victoria, re prospects for work on the Island and an important contact
11_20 Letter to Comrade Kurt (Court), re: fund drive progress; CCF youth work in Ontario and your attacking the BC Stalinists for fingering us in the CCF
11_21 Letter to Bill (W.), Britannia Beach, re: our CCYM-CCF work in BC and Ontario; lack of progress with pro-Tito Yugoslavs; defections of LPP leaders
11_24B Letter to Ellaline, re: newsstand sales of LC; lack of a BC contact address now; any news of branch classes?
11_24 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: agreement from J-M Bédard to set up a Montreal-based control commission to deal with Rose's attitude in the Toronto branch; what reaction on the Rose documents in BC? Vancouver members' status; the witch-hunt at the CCL convention; the Rose accusations of bureaucracy against RD; the RD personality question and should he step aside temporarily?
12_20 Letter to Alex (LaF.) re: returning his LC article for revision
12_26 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: constitution of a control commission without a SWPer; Barry's case of being provoked by Rose; an article on our debate with Stanley Park (CCF-BC); a lack of communication with various BC centres
12_28 Letter to Court, Vancouver, re: a good job on the financial drive, the line-up of Toronto forums; the difficulty of getting past the CCYM leadership in BC; the need for patient work in the CCF

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