Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1949

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General, including Montreal PQ, and Windsor ON correspondence

(See Vancouver & B.C. correspondence below)

January 31 Letter to Dear Comrades, Montreal, re: sending the branch a report from B.C. on the IWA convention (Woodworkers')
March 02 Letter to the Montreal Branch (RWP), re: congratulations on publishing the first issue of La Vérité
Letter to Murray Dowson and Jean-Marie Bédard, re: our policy in regard to the Carr case, the ''spy scare, the anti-soviet war drive''
March 03 Letter to the Windsor comrades, re: the British entry into the BLP; shipping the FI Manifesto to New York; local meeting contacts, the crisis of the LPP and Stalinism worldwide
March 18 Letter to Morris Stein, SWP, New York, re: confirming that the Vancouver Branch is suspending two IWA unionist activists; complete agreement with SWP attempts to assist; the long history of dealing with these ex-comrades; the RWP international donation
March 24 Letter to Ruth Benson (SWP, New York?), re: production of the last issue of LC; Rose's despicable behaviour in Toronto; the loss of Lloyd and Tom in Vancouver; planning a meeting on the CCF
March 29 Letter to the Montreal Branch, re: crisis in relations with the XX (IWA) leadership (and J-M Bédard); the importance of the IWA to us; the importance of J-M B. remaining in Montreal
April 25 Letter to Ruth (Benson, SWP, New York), re: a sudden demand from BC for full coverage of the CCF convention; Montreal report
May 13 Letter to Don (D.), Windsor, re: the role of the German Social-Democrats in 1933; tricky relationships with types like Archer; UAW PAC decides to run against the CCF
May 17 Letter to Murray Dowson & Jan-Marie Bédard, re: publishing the La Vérité manifesto; correcting Vancouver articles on the CCF convention; the Asbestos strike coverage
Letter to Hugh Dowson, Windsor, re: sub drive results and LC distributions; getting his story straight for U.S. Immigration; the Stalinists' UAW-PAC maneuver
June 15 Letter to Murray Dowson & Jean-Marie Bédard, re: notarized letters for a French comrade to be arranged; on the question of a dubious coalition of left forces in Quebec; the dubious future of the CCF in Quebec
June 21 Letter to Jean-Marie and Murray, re: need an immediate yea or nay on a vital question, Rose opposed, Reg in favour; wire answer
June 00 RWP Internal Bulletin documents: Some remarks on critical support, by Paul Kane & Organizational problems confronting the RWP, by R.D.; 1) RWP must adopt policy of critical support for CCF in all ridings; the argument against support for the Stalinists; CCF represents mass independent working class political action;
2) The RWP in 2-1/2 years has consolidated; need for a ''campaign spirit in the party;''
The RWP although well placed in unions remains isolated in mainstream labor politics, i.e, the CCF; we need serious educational work, LC is not seen as a main party organizer; our growth must recruit sectors from the CCF and LPP
July 20 Letter to Don (D.), Windsor, re: his accident; recommend reading SWP course on Marxist economics; our need for serious study
Auguest 08 Letter to Jean-Marie Bédard, Montreal, re: his ideas on entry of Vancouver branch into the CCF, need collaboration on Quebec articles for Labor Challenge
September 01 Letter to J-M Bédard, re: books and book accounts; IS-SWP correspondence on the USSR (defence or not); Montreal discussions with M--; Stalinist withdrawal from the TLC
September 26 Letter to the Windsor comrades, re: prospects of getting into the local CCF; the CCL convention
September 27 Letter to Jean-Marie Bédard, Montreal, re: LC needs a translation of the FI statement on Yugoslavia
October 07 Letter to J-M Bédard, re: No coverage of him in the Ontario Stalinist press; miscellaneous Montreal developments
October 08 Letter to Ruth (Benson), New York, re: shipments of literature from the SWP; journal layout policy banter; RD favours B.C. CCF entry
October 15 Letter to Murray (Dowson), Montreal, re: the tram fare increase issue; on the question of CCF entry in B.C.; Joe Rose's opposition to all CCF work in Toronto; Rose's trade union-party attitude
October 19 Letter to Windsor comrades, re: latest LC excellent for work on Stalinists
October 22 Letter to Don (D.), Windsor, re: the local Branch situation with him and Hugh (D.); books; serious personal conflicts
October 23 Letter to J-M Bédard, Montreal, re: public meetings in Montreal; a note on planned activities of WEL
October Undated fragment probably to J-M Bédard, re: Montreal WEL meeting a fiasco (RD relates positive side); a review of Gagnon group
Letter to Comrade Genora (SWP, Detroit), re: sharp personal problems in the Windsor branch that she might mediate
November 15 Letter to Herb H., re: thank you for the donation and sustenance in a period of fundamental world changes
Letter to Windsor comrades, re: receipts, donations and sub-work; contacting Yugoslavs; need for articles for LC
November 30 Letter to Murray (Dowson), Montreal, re: on the CCF entry issue; Joe Rose's principled opposition to entry in Toronto; election work and the CCF; debate on the issue of Stalinist unions

Vancouver & B.C. correspondence - 1949

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January 19 Letter to Reg Bullock, Ruth Bullock and Bill (W.), re: hold onto the Vancouver HQ; temporary setbacks; big gains in Toronto
Letter to Frank (J.), re: no retrenchments required in Vancouver; the loss of the IWA comrades; Toronto gaining contacts thru elections
Febuary 1 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: ruckus in the Toronto Yugoslav group; inviting articles perhaps on the IWA situation for next issue of LC
Febuary 22 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: possible aid, or not, from SWP in the IWA comrades situation; need to firm up Vancouver membership; the need to consult the NO on important matters; the March forum
Letter to Bill (W.), re: union work and press; how well Vancouver dealt with the IWA defections; his writing for the paper
March 04 Letter to the Vancouver Branch, re: not feasible to print membership cards
March 14 Letter to Ruth Bullock, re: all extra copies of LC sent; their forum a success; CCF meeting distributions
March 18 Letter to the Vancouver Branch, re: setting up a trial committee in the case of the IWA ex-comrades
March 25 Letter to Frank (J.), re: Vancouver branch activities welcomed, selling the (FI) Manifesto and circulation of books
Report of a trial committee meeting regarding charges of disloyalty against two Vancouver RWP comrades; reviewing their careers in the union and their growing distance from the party; their political differences
March 28 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: branch classes and suggestions for topics, a critique of his speech; situation in the CCF in BC; agree with SWP aid in IWA situation; the RWP a party without the resources of a party, unable to issue NO bulletins as Bill (W.) asks
Letter to Bill (W.), re: finances; agreement with SWP views on IWA comrades case, anti-Atlantic Pact movement in BC CCF
March 29 Letter to Bill (W.), Britannia Beach, re: the IWA case, BC CCF developments, on LC coverage of Mine-Mill developments
April 21 Letter to Lillian (W.), re: the CCF Atlantic Pact resolutions; plan for convention articles in LC May Day issue; LC bundles to CCF clubs
May 11 Letter to Lillian (W.), re: the need for changes to excellent CCF convention articles; not critical enough of CCF or its left leaders who in fact support the Atlantic Pact; explaining the edit changes
May 17 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: Lil's protest over LC CCF article changes; what is our CCF orientation? Branch activities and personnel
Letter to Comrades Bradley & Whalen, re: NC has decided to suspend you both on the basis of the report of the trial committee
June 15 Letter to Bill (W.), re: his sharp criticisms of the latest Labor Challenge; RD's views they border on slander; how we are to build the leadership of the Canadian party
June 16 Letter to the Vancouver Branch, re: the ''charges'' against the latest issue of LC; defence of the line of calling for a CCF convention over the Atlantic Pact issue; also the idea of a general strike to support the eastern asbestos workers; the need for a CCF left wing; the BC CCF coverage and LC appraisal of its ''centrist'' politics
June 22 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: polling cross-country opinion on the BC CCF coverage; the direction Bill and Lillian are heading in; developing opposition within the CCF over the Atlantic Pact and what tactics do we use; Toronto sub campaign success
June 23 Letter to Ruth Bullock, re: Toronto sub work experiences, etc.
Letter to the Vancouver Branch, re: request from Bill (W.) that the NC approve his accepting a union post; defer decision to branch
June 30 Letter to Bill W., Britannia Beach, re: the demise of Mine-Mill there; pour position in the Mine-Mill vs. CCL-CIO struggle; soul-searching within the CCF leadership, and its support of the Atlantic Pact
July 12 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: the BC left moving out in the CCF News; should RWP enter the CCF in Vancouver?
July 20 Letter to Bill (W.), re: big left developments in the BC CCF; a partial entry into the CCF proposed; reaction to the Internal Bulletin?
July 21 Letter to Frank (J.), re: branch dues & pledges; the role of treasurer
July 22 Letter to Ruth Bullock, re: my image as tough but oh so gentle; party doings and street-corner meetings
July 26 Letter to N.C. members, re: the entry of our British comrades into the BLP; relations with the Gagnon group in Montreal; the CCF in crisis across the country; the CCF left moving out in BC; the question of entry into the BC CCF; Toronto branch activities; appeal from the IS (FI) for funds
Auguest 08 Note by RD: ''Culled from R(eg) B(ullock)'s letter dated July 26/49, for G(renier) and Fitz;'' report of discussions with BC CCF left-wingers to consolidate the left; reference to entry by Trotskyists
Auguest 22 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: an unfortunate debate title counterposing RWP with CCF; need for a united front action title
September 01 Letter to the Vancouver Branch, re: Comrade Grenier's visit to BC and possible discussion on CCF work as well as the IWA situation
September 02 Letter to Bill (W.), re: sending him CCF readers' addresses; news of a oilworker unionist from Saskatchewan; still no formal declaration on IWA members' suspension from RWP by BC branch
Letter to Reg Bullock, re: his CCF reports; Grenier's trip to IWA convention in BC; the NC discussion on CCF entry; Don B.'s instability in Toronto improved with union job in Windsor branch; using LC in the CCF left; Reg's job switch to an IWA job
September 27 Letter to Bill (W.), Britannia Beach, re: our ex-comrade Lloyd now isolated in the IWA; the growth of the left opposition following the CCF defeat; our contact with the left in the CCF but its lack of cohesion; attrition in Toronto
September 30 Letter to the Vancouver Branch, re: inviting the Vancouver branch to set a fund drive quota; some suggestions of donors
October 00 Undated letter found in October, to Bill (W.), ''Vancouver,'' re: price of Militant Chorus recordings
October 03 Letter to Bill (W.), re: problems with the fund drive in Vancouver; Reg's upcoming article on the IWA situation
October 21 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: his fine articles on the IWA and the difficult treatment of the left CCF debate; the low level of workers' entry into the CCF; dealing with BC's complaint about lack of NC communication; the real national nature of Labor Challenge
October 22 Letter to Lillian (W.), re: publicizing the topics of the Vancouver educational classes; a Toronto forum on the Tito-Stalin split
October 23 Letter to Ruth Bullock, re: receipt of subs and money; the party's dues and pledges policy; various methods of fund raising
November 14 Letter to the McDonnell comrades (members-at-large), re: thanks for the donation; their contacts with Vancouver comrades
November 18 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: his close contact with left CCFers and the need for a BC left bulletin; the need for the left to work out a program; our need for a detailed evaluation of CCF entry; the fight for Tom's reinstatement into the IWA
November 30 Letter to Eve (S.), re: thanks for her book order; books in print

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