Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1948

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General, including Montreal PQ, and Windsor ON correspondence

(See Vancouver & B.C. correspondence below)

January 03 Letter to Morris (SWP, New York), re: high vote rolled up in Toronto
Vote; the need for comrade Dunn to visit the Vancouver branch
January 12 Letter to Don (D.) Windsor, re: (a note from Ruth Benson on changes to his unused article), reactions to the Mayoralty campaign; our role in the Reuther anti-red campaign
January 20 Letter to Murray Dowson & J-M Bédard (Montreal), re: crisis in Vancouver over conduct of Lloyd W. and Tom B.; their IWA work and refusal to take counsel from the Branch; branch to take action
January 21 Letter to Hugh Dowson, Don (D.) and Maurice, re: success of the Toronto mayoralty campaign and subsequent meeting; getting the new pamphlets across the border to the SWP; Windsor activities
Febuary 11 Letter to Murray Dowson (Montreal), re: if finances support sending a delegate to the FI World Congress; the problem with Lloyd and Tom in Vancouver
Febuary 23 Letter to Farrell Dobbs (SWP, New York), re: severe financial strain precludes Canada sending a delegate to the WC
Febuary 26 Letter to Murray Dowson, (Montreal), re: Stalinists leading the Toronto Rogers strike to disaster; next Labor Challenge deadline
Letter to Don (D. & Hugh Dowson (Windsor), re: Comrades on strike at Rogers; Stalinist misleadership; raising the sliding scale demand in Windsor; contacts in Detroit
March 21 Political Committee Meeting RWP (Canada) minutes: annual subscription campaign; low renewals except for Toronto; a shorter campaign this year; issue of using courts against Stalinist hooliganism against our comrades in BC; PC regards keeping LC twice monthly a priority
April 01 Letter to Murray (Montreal) re organizational matters; Toronto activities
April 04 Letter to Murray Dowson (Montreal), re: his writing the May Day Manifesto; the Vancouver celebration
April 16 Letter to Don (D.) & Hugh Dowson (Windsor), re: back to a twice-monthly LC; Hugh takes a local caucus post; are Stalinists retreating from Reuther?
April 27 Letter to Murray Dowson (Montreal), re: the impossibility of holding a May Day meeting there
April 29 Letter to Murray Dowson (Montreal), re: proposed article series on the Russian Revolution and how Stalinism arose; the problem of writers for Labor Challenge
April 99 Undated Letter found in April 1948, to Mr. C.W. Mercer, Windsor, re: introducing Labor Challenge to this reader of the SWP's theoretical journal Fourth International
May 1st. Document published by the Workers Press, RWP, Toronto: ''
Against Wall Street and The Kremlin; Manifesto of the 2nd W.C. of the Fourth International to the Exploited Masses of the World;''
Danger of Total Destruction
Totalitarian Nature of Capitalism
The Examples of Germany and China
Organization of Bloody Chaos
Perspectives of American Revolution
Role of the U S S R
Crimes of the Bureaucracy
For A Socialist United States of Europe
Upheavals in the Colonies
Defend the Colonial Revolutions
Wall Street in Latin America
"The Third Force"
'The New Democracy"
The Stalinist Traitors
The Crisis of Leadership
A World Movement and an International Leadership
For Workers' Control
Unity of the Laboring Masses
For the Proletarian State
The Trade Union Bureaucracy and the State
Workers' United Front Needed
For a New Revolutionary Youth International
For the Overthrow of the Stalinist Bureaucracy
For the Defense of the October Conquests Against Imperialism
For the Overthrow of Capitalism
The Program of the Communist Future
Under the Banner of the Fourth International
June02 Letter to the Editor, Windsor Star, re: a correction: the SLP is not Trotskyist; the RWP has no candidate and gives critical support to the CCF
June04 Letter to Murray Dowson (Montreal), re: the severe personnel problems in putting out a twice-monthly paper; Paddy Stanton dropping away, isolated in Stalinist-right wing CCF milieu; SWP aid in Vancouver May Day celebration; CCF election prospects
June 26 Letter to Don (D.) & Hugh Dowson (Windsor), re: the Windsor comrades stir up the SLP election campaign
Letter to Morris (SWP, New York), re: a large Canadian delegation shaping up for the SWP convention
Auguest 02 Letter to Jean-Marie Bédard (Montreal), re: the first issue La Vérité
Auguest 16 Letter to the Windsor Branch, RWP, re: greetings to the new branch
Auguest 17 Letter to Murray Dowson (Montreal), re: Ken (S.) gets a union job; the centre personnel, the monthly paper and the September issue
Letter to the SWP, New York re: recommendation for a returning US socialist active in Toronto
Auguest 27 Letter to Morris (SWP, New York), re: a Militant article translated into Yugoslavian; distribution of the leaflet breaks up a Stalinist banquet; a note on the CCF and our activity in it in BC
September 07 Letter to Murray Dowson (Montreal), re: a contact expelled, associated with the Yugoslav leaflet; proposal to call for CCF governments; consultations with Marcy in Buffalo on the Vancouver situation over opposition to the IS (FI) document
September 13 Letter to Organizer of the Detroit Branch, SWP, re: in the matter of Detroit comrades approaching a Windsor comrade for donations
November 02 Letter to the Windsor comrades, re: successful meeting in Vancouver probable cause of U.S. authorities preventing RD from entering the country and visiting Windsor on the return trip
November 03 Letter to Murray Dowson (Montreal), re: the split in the Quebec CP (Dubé, Gagnon); where is the Montreal fund drive quota?
November 7th. Document: speech notes by R.D. re: ''On the anniversary of the October Revolution;'' the single greatest stride forward mankind has yet taken; our support today despite the ruthless bureaucracy that rules the workers' state; Stalin's ''socialism in one country''
November 17 Letter to Murray Dowson, re: your letter to Gagnon too late for LC; needs clarification on prospects for an antiwar (coalition); need for an edition of La Vérité to publish it, J-M Bédard translating another article on the Russian Revolution as well
November 25 Letter to Morris (SWP, New York), re: too busy with upcoming civic election campaign to visit NY; Vancouver visit to set up BC Branch a success, a reference on the Stalinist break from the IWA
December 20 Letter to Morris (SWP), re: a young leading comrade from Vancouver attending their New York plenum in RD's place
December 99 Undated letter found in 1948 to Morris (SWP), a donation enclosed for the IS (of the FI); hoping a SWP comrade can reach Toronto or Vancouver to speak; no luck in contacting Canadian Yugoslavs

Vancouver & B.C. correspondence - 1948

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01_14 Letter to Reg (Bullock), re: our surprising results in Toronto civic campaign; cut back to one person on centre payroll; the party sustaining fund drive; crisis in the FI; our BC forces caught unawares on anti-arms actions; LC ultraleftist on IWA and Bill 39?
January 17th Letter to the Vancouver Branch, re: the poor N.O.-Vancouver contact relations; lack of articles from BC for Labor Challenge
Letter to Reg Bullock, Vancouver, re: the good CCF response to our Toronto civic campaign; our relations with Lloyd and Tom in the IWA and assistance from the SWP
Attachment to previous letter to Reg B, re: letter from Bill (W.) re retrenchment in Vancouver branch; need to rethink this move
January 20 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: need to lay charges against Lloyd and Tom for disloyalty and lack of taking branch direction in IWA
Jan 3oth. Letter to the Vancouver Branch, re: PC report to NC on court action taken against Stalinist hooligan attack on a Toronto comrade; defense of use of capitalist courts; Cannon and Trotsky on the use of reactionary committees for revolutionary purposes
March 23 Letter to Lloyd (W.), re: the ultraleftist Stalinist policy in the IWA; RD argues against periodic bulletins in BC; more on the use of courts against Stalinist hooliganism; the importance of sub renewals
April 15 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: back to a twice-monthly LC; the May Day manifesto; a critique of our IWA motion and our politics in the IWA
Letter to Stan (S.), re: his good article for LC; RD's corrections to the article on the sliding scale of wages
April 30 Letter to Bill (W., Britannia Beach), re: his relations with the Vancouver branch, any local report on Mine-Mill and red-baiters
May 01 Letter to Reg (B.) on BC articles for Labor Challenge, past, present and future
May 4 Letter to the Vancouver Branch, re: the delay and shortage of international discussion bulletins; we and the US comrades unable to reproduce them; no news yet of 2nd W.C. in Paris
Letter to Tom (B.), re: Toronto May Day celebration cancelled by police action; Reg's harsh criticisms of the PC position of tactical use of bourgeois courts in case of Stalinist attacks; a discussion on an IWA resolution coming from Tom, not Reg
May 20
2 identical images?
Letter to Comrade Johnston, re: his appointment as financial sec'ty
Letter to Reg Bullock, re: revisions to Ruth's article on the anti-labor law rally; the May Day article too scholarly; the article line-up next issue; no funds for an election campaign; the CCF election campaign
June 25th. Letter to Reg Bullock, re: success of subscription drive in Toronto as well as Vancouver; our policy of boycotting government labor boards or administering capitalist legislation
Letter to Bill (W.), re: we should not publicly disown centrist CCFer Young as a Trotskyist; activity in the Burnaby CCYM and possible contacts there
July 19 Letter to the Vancouver Branch, re: their likely opposition to the line of article on a Young speech in Parliament already published in LC will be discussed at a PC meeting shortly
Letter to the Vancouver Branch, re: the decision to publish only one issue of Labor Challenge during the summer months
Letter to Reg Bullock, re: possibility of contacting local Yugoslav-Canadians re the LC article on the Stalin-Tito rupture; the history of the boycott as a tactic in the revolutionary movement; B.C. Bill 39
July 20 Letter to Bill re: interbranch correspondence
July Undated letter found in July to Ruth Bullock, re: her LC article on the housewives' buyers' strike; a critique by RD and photo
Auguest 14 Letter to Stan Stanton, re: the large size of the Toronto library; the writing and editing of articles for our press; the need for B.C. writers
Auguest 17 Letter to William W. (Bill) White, Britannia Beach, re: the need for an article from him on union demands in the mine
September 07 Letter to Bill W., re: the new positions of Lloyd and Tom putting into question World Congress policies on the Soviet Union; also no news on functioning of the IWA caucus in B.C. received; an atmosphere of distrust in B.C. that prevents political discussion
September 10 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: the lack of discussion on B.C. IWA work vs. the full LC coverage of the Ontario Rogers strike; need news of B.C. branch activity; proposal for a B.C. subscription drive
November 04 Letter to Comrade (Rod) Young (MP), re: RD's regrets at not being able to meet with him in Vancouver; a letter Nov. 9th from Rod Young re the possibility of a future meeting in Toronto
November 18 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: his reaction to RD's article on the B.C. IWA situation; J-M Bédard's views; the Stalinist and Fadling gang class-collaboration IWA caucuses; Lloyd's and Tom's roles
December 13 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: preparation for the Toronto civic election campaign; Reg's article on the B.C. IWA; the opportunities for us presented in the IWA Iron River strike and the need to demark ourselves from the strike leadership
December 14th. Letter to Lloyd (W.) and Tom (B.), re: the NC grants Lloyd's request for a leave of absence but with closest collaboration possible given their trade union situation; the urgent need for our forces to condemn the IWA leadership

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