Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1947

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General, including Montreal and Windsor correspondence

(See Vancouver & B.C. below)

Jan14.jpg Letter to Comrade (George) Breitman (SWP, New York or Detroit), re: acknowledging his criticism of our editorial on civil liberties toward Negroes; the arrival in Toronto of Ruth Benson from ''116''
Jan16 Letter to Murray Dowson (Montreal), re: our court case against Stalinist hooligan attackers; sundry centre business; our election gains
January 24 Letter to Maurice (Windsor, Ontario), re: success of the fundraising campaign; our hard working-class civic election vote; his visit?
(estimated January 1947) (TIF) Undated notes by RD for a January ''Lenin Memorial/47,'' founder and builder of the Bolshevik party; Lenin`s relevance as the danger of war looms again today; the first workers' state a product of his party
Feb1 (Handwritten) letter to Murray Dowson and Ruth (Benson) from Montreal, re: report on Jean-Marie Bédard and his new bride; Jean-Marie's union situation; RD's contact work slow, enquiries about the centre and articles for LC
Feb 1st. Two letters to Ross's mother, re: arrival in Montreal, and re: ''chasing around the city doing what you don't want me to
Feb4 th. Letter to Ruth Benson and Murray Dowson (Toronto), re: enclosing donations; Jean-Marie Bédard speaking at McGill U.; visiting members' contacts; remarks on centre activities, sending surplus F.I. copies (SWP theoretical magazine -ed.)
Feb12 th. Letter to Ruth Benson é Murray (from Montreal), re: wasted evening discussing with contact Carr & associates; sub list updates; reader's critique of LC as too partisan; Jean-Marie's impressionism and the general lack of seriousness in Montreal; Jean-Marie the orator speaks to Stalinist Youth group; other mid-winter functions
Feb20 th. (Handwritten)Letter to Murray and Ruth (from Montreal), re: comments on WP-SWP developments; the need to assess Montreal possibilities; the problem of Vancouver not working through the NC; the possibility of prominent LPPers (McKean, Bruce, etc.) coming toward us in BC;
Feb23 rd. Political Committee minutes:
1)Vancouver branch functioning,
2) attitude toward McKean (Stalinist) group,
3) report on SWP plenum
Undated handwritten note to Murray Dowson (Toronto) re journal articles for next issue, RD returning from Montreal
Mar6 th. Minutes of PC meeting: RD reported on recruiting in Montreal
Mar17 th. Letter to Murray (Montreal), re: editorial board article lineup for the next issue of Labor Challenge including Quebec items; speculations on the size of the McKean group in BC
Mar18 th. Letter to Murray, re: seeking information from Jean-Marie Bédard on Duplessis' labor law attacks
March 19 Letter to Murray, re: acknowledging funds received; the paper sent for the Cartier by-election
Mar 26 th. Letter to The Militant, SWP, New York, re: RD's discovery that The Militant is still on the banned list from the war, causing delays
(estimated March 1947) Document: Internal Bulletin: ''Constitution of the Revolutionary Workers Party of Canada
Report of Revolutionary Workers Party of Canada founding convention Sept. 28-29 1946; International Report; Organizational report; Party tasks and perspectives; NC members elected
April 2 Letter to Don (Windsor), re: thanks for clippings on the labor-management rally; local subscription work
April 6 Minutes of PC-RWP: Canadian and FI affairs, finances, comments on a Vancouver conference
April 8 Letter to Murray, re: funds and subs sent; articles assigned, meeting Montreal comrades in Toronto (Ken S. & Jim M.)
April 14 Letter to Murray, re: sub renewal list sent; next issue of LC to be ready early for May Day in BC; perspectives for RWP in Quebec
April 23 Letter to Murray, re: publishing his LC articles signed by him; possibility of classes in Montreal; Ken to help him with a CCF article
April 24 Letter to Don and Eleanor (Windsor), re: thanks for funds contribution; huge May Day distribution planned in BC
Apr28 Letter to Murray, re: PC discussion recommends his stay in Montreal be for one or two years and he be co-editor of LC
April 29 Letter to Jean-Marie Bédard, re: Paris addresses; his work in the dairy industry
April Undated RD
speech notes
The R.W.P. and internationalism;'' today's boom and Canadian exceptionalism; the coming sharp class struggles in Canada and worldwide
''Independence for India;'' BLP British Prime Minister Atlee announces complete independence for India; India to agree itself on a new constitution; the revolutionary upsurge in India and British forces refusal to continue the occupation; British investment seeks to salvage its interests; the Naval Mutiny of Bombay; the roles of class forces and bankruptcy of the Communist Party of India
May5 Letter to Murray, re: shipping French-language literature; most of Spector's study course list missing; the brothers` ''old man'' in clover
May 14 Minutes of the PC-TWP: the International Cadre School call for candidates, reports on Montreal and Vancouver, finances
May21 Letter to Don (Windsor), re: sub work and reaction to LC
05_30 Letter to Murray (Montreal), re: forced to delay the article on the hot immigration policy issue
June 3 Letter to Murray, re: need his article on the (BLP) conference
June18 Document in August Internal Bulletin, ''On Toronto Branch's election experiences,'' by RD: our wide distribution challenged vote property qualifications; the failure of CCF or LPP to run slates; no labor endorsation won by RWP; the press blackout; our vote increase in distributed areas
June19 Letter to Don, Windsor, re branch matters, importance of paper
July 1st. PC-RWP Minutes: report on Montreal, FI journal sub drive, Vancouver branch, Toronto; European Relief work
Letter to Don (Windsor), re: their excellent 50 sub results and sending us extra back copies of the SWP FI from Detroit
July5th Letter to (George) Breitman (SWP, New York?), re: Joe Rosenthal's cartoons and sketches available on short order
July7th Letter to Morris (Windsor), re: Don & Eleanor's visit to Toronto; RD's brother Hugh thinking of moving to Windsor
July9th. Letter to Murray, re: the first meeting of the Montreal branch?
July21 Letter to Murray, re: almost 2000 subs on list now; rumblings of discontent from Vancouver comrades over security and the missing summer issue of LC, also question certain PC labor political views
Letter to Don (Windsor), re: his new UAW job and perspectives for political work, Eleanor's views on Canadian workers ''following American workers;'' why not consult with (J.P.) Cannon on this?
July 23rd Letter to Murray, re: IS (of Fourth International) newsletter on youth in socialist parties in Europe; please check line of reply to Reg's recent complaints
07_99 Letter to Murray D. (Montreal) organizational matters, branch & centre
Aug5th. Letter to Murray, re: Ukrainian WPers in Toronto, Jean-Marie's anti-syndicates fight; French-language literature.
Aug12.jpg Letter to Murray, re: next issue of Labor Challenge out soon; hard-hitting critique against Saskatchewan CCF in box strike
Aug29th RWP letter to All Branches and Members at Large: the yearly financial drive objective of $1750 on eve of first RWP anniversary
Sept 3rd. PC minutes: consideration of an appeal for support from the British section
Letter to Reg; re Murray anti Semitic editoral in Aug. 7th CCF News" The Tragedy of Palestine"
Sept16 th. Letter to Murray, re: finances, street corner meetings
Letter to Don (Windsor), re: integrating new young comrades, street corner meetings
Sept19th. Letter to Murray, (Montreal), re: 1st anniversary of RWP, protest meeting held against CCF anti-semitic article
October 2 Letter to Don (Windsor), re: his letter to late for the current issue; his shop activities, books
October 3 Letter to Murray D. (Montreal) re party matters
October 18 th. Letter to Farrell (Dobbs, SWP, New York), re: enquiring about a trade union militant planning to return to the USA
Oct21st. PC Meeting minutes: the fight over BC Bill 39; request from Windsor for an experienced help; financial drive report; Toronto civil election campaign
Oct22 nd. Letter to Murray, re: financial problems, planning to run for Toronto mayoralty and board of control this winter
Oct26th Undated speech by RD ''On the (30th) anniversary of the October Revolution;'' how the Soviet Union has risen rapidly to become the 2nd world power despite the ruthless Kremlin bureaucracy; we refuse to believe this Stalinist clique is the only alternative to capitalism and fascism; the perspective of revolution in America
Oct 31st. Letter to Don (Windsor), re: sorry not to publish his article again; Hugh Dowson thinking of moving there
Nov18 th. Letter to Murray, re: party and personnel matters; a bundle of warm clothes sent to him for the Montreal winter
Nov19th. Letter to Jean-Marie Bédard, re: Letter from an Western IWA (Intnl. Woodworkers of America) organizer now in Quebec
Nov21st. Letter to Don (Windsor), re: Reuther and the UAW; meeting Vincent Dunn (SWP) in Toledo; union connections
Nov26th. Letter to Murray, re: PC decision not to extend the financial campaign>; not bad results; entering the civic elections
December 2nd. Letter to Don (Windsor), re: Civic election campaigns started; RWP only challenge to big business candidate; Murray Dowson RWP candidate for Toronto Mayor election brochure

Vancouver and B.C. correspondence -- 1947

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BC-Jan13 th. Letter to Ellaline, re: success of the Toronto civic election campaign; distribution of Labor Challenge in BC
Jan 14th. Letter to Bill White (Britannia Bay) re: his donation
Jan 15th. Letter to Reg Bullock, re: administrative matters; new BC comrades moving out; the need for more BC articles for LC
Letter to the Vancouver Branch of the Revolutionary Workers Party, re: pointing out that members-at-large must reside in Branch cities
Jan 20-1 Letter to Lloyd (Whalen), re: his complaint of ''character assassination'' by the PC against a Vancouver member Tom B.
March 22nd. Letter to Lloyd (Whalen), re: IWA organization drive in Quebec called off due to false rumours of four Trotskyists on the payroll
March 28 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: the upcoming subscription campaign; branch matters, SWP summer school for new comrades
Letter to Lloyd (Whalen), re: circulation and return of IS (FI) document
March 29 th. Telegram from Reg Bullock to RD, re: stop the presses for major BC labor development story
March 31st. Letter to Reg Bullock, re: notes and clippings received on BC anti-labor legislation; finances put into question the twice-monthly LC; special press run coming out; waiting for articles
April 2nd Letter to Ellaline, re: shipping extra copies of last issue of LC; request for number of copies of May Day issue required in BC
Letter to Tom Whalen, re: the McKean dissident CPC group and others; can he write up his trade union experiences
April 3rd. Letter to Reg Bullock, re: the need for a May Day meeting in Vancouver; an upcoming SWP bulletin on the ''Russian question''
April 4th. Letter to Angus (McPhee), re: reviving the Prince Rupert group; the anti-semitism of the Stalinist McKean group
BC-Apr14 th. Letter to Comrade White (Britannia Beach), re: his local situation; party matters
April 16th. Letter to Dear Comrades, re: The P.C. sends greetings to the Vancouver RWP on the occasion of its branch conference
Letter to the Executive Committee of the Vancouver Branch, re: PC meeting disagrees with conference plans to set up a parallel organizational structure as unconstitutional
April 23rd. Letter to Reg Bullock, re: lack of coverage of BC CCF convention and lack of a May Day celebration; subscription campaign underway, promise of work in the BC Civil Liberties Union
Letter to Ellaline, re: May Day LC coming off press with BC article
May 2nd.. Letter to Ruth Bullock, re: subscription drive results
May7 th. Letter to Reg Bullock, re: the matter of members-at-large in BC
BC-May13 th Letter to Ellaline, re: Vancouver comrades attacked at distribution; late delivery of the May Day issue
BC-May21st. Letter to Tom (Bradley), re: asking his views on PC document in reply to Vancouver member-at-large issue and setting up a BC Organizational Cttee; its scope to be discussed by BC NC members
June 2nd. Letter to Ellaline; the first-rate sub getting in Vancouver
BC-June4 th. Letter to Reg Bullock, re: hoping to receive a trade union report; the use of pseudonyms, and cells in the CCF; a Trotsky memorial
BC-June12th. Letter to Lloyd (Whalen), re: the LC article on BC labor struggles; on the demand for a sliding scale complementing wage increases; how we can urge a vote against the IWA shop contract offer
06_16 Letter to Comrade White (Britannia Beach), re: centre would like to see their union local Bulletin, books sent
06_23 Letter to Ellaline, re: late delivery of Labour Challenge, tight budget and danger of putting all deliveries on a cash basis; the lack of Vancouver comrades' subs; the inspiring sub drive results in BC
BC-June27 th. Letter to Reg Bullock, re: the question of the ''District Committee'' in BC; need experienced Canadian comrades for special SWP summer camp including an NC or other member from Vancouver; the nature of our support for the CCF similar to the European slogan ''CP-SP to power;'' CCF roots in unions still sparse, the tactical question of supporting Stalinist candidates
BC-July15th. Letter to Lloyd (Whalen?), re: his exceptional sub getting; old-timers lagging in Toronto; the financial responsibilities of comrades to the party; the difficulty in squeezing in all the LC trade union articles
BC-July23rd Letter to the Vancouver Branch, re: the PC decision to skip the August edition of LC due to severe financial constraints
BC-July31st. Letter to Reg Bullock, re: sending him a complete list of LC subscribers; dissention in some BC CCF clubs; various BC union and CCF club matters; meetings to hear the Trotsky recordings; possible aid sent via boat to Indonesian workers
Aug. 11th. Letter to Reg (Bullock): need to send Trotsky recordings to centre; Vancouver suggestion for regular internal bulletin
Sept. 3rd. Letter to Reg: noting anti-semitic article in CCF press on Palestine and planned RWP public response to needle trade
Sept 5 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: a poll and bulletin in the B.C. Federation issue, the SWP plenum; other Branch projects
Letter to the Vancouver Branch, re: their request for a PC statement on the dispute around the BC Federation of Labor and its 17-man Political Action Cttee.; need a rounded discussion; an IB coming
Sept 16th 'Letter to Reg re: negative response with fund drive among journal subscribers; success of Toronto street-corner meetings; Vancouver activities and the delay in the internal bulletin
(estimated Sept.) 'Document: September Internal Bulletin; ''Comments on Organizational Problem'' by RD; the RWP in reality a propaganda group; the need to break out of isolation and anonymity
BC-Oct 2 Letter to Lloyd (Whalen), re: our call for a 24-hour general strike; our total opposition to the anti-labor Bill 39; Reg requests a discussion on the PC letter to the RCP (Britain) re the IEC (FI) resolution on the British question; RD defends PC action
BC Oct 3 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: CCF and Stalinists attempts to divert 24-hour general strike to amendments of Bill 39; the loss of a promising young member; on the matter of party ''sympathizers;'' Toronto street-corner meetings; what possibility of RWL entering Vancouver civic elections
Oct 7 Letter to Bill (White, Britannia Bay), re: his resolution on the sliding scale; the Marble Arch incident possibly going to court
BC-Oct 16 Letter to Bill (Whitney), re: the fine direct reports from Whalen and Bradley on the fight against Bill 39 and the need for an LC article;
Nov. 4 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: the progress of the fund drive; the LC coverage of the tramway strike and a discussion on Whitney's article; BC criticisms of LC and its politics; a prominent IWA unionist refuses to sign an ''anti-communist affidavit;'' Jean-Marie Bédard refused the floor but voted against the CCL administration
BC-Nov 18 Letter to Reg Bullock, re: good fund drive results; the loss of CCF membership in BC; Angus's and Bill's criticisms of LC coverage of opposition to Bill 39 needs discussion at PC (Political Cttee.)
BC-Nov20-1.jpg Letter to Bill (White, Britannia Beach), re: good fund drive results; the general lull in union activity, books
BC-Nov 24th. Letter to Reg: BC contacts and Vancouver branch activities
BC-Dec 3rd. Letter to Bill (Whitney), re: PC discussion on his and Reg's view that the LC article on the strike struggle and Bill 39 was ultra-leftist; with Angus's criticism also a full discussion is in order

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