Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1945

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feb 11th
2 pages
Letter to ''dear Friends'' (Montreal), re: fixing the name and editor of Labor Challenge; finances; articles proposed
10_28th Minutes of meeting of P.C. re: Paper; educational director, provincial election, CP of C (dissident Stalinists in BC)
7 pages
Undated notes with changes made by RD found in 1945, re: coast-to-coast strike wave unfolding; anti-labor legislation and labor conciliation met with further strike action; injunctions and arrests of strikers; the use of troops against strikes, illegal strikes continue in Nova Scotia; Ontario Premier Hepburn orders RCMP ''Cossacks'' to guard Oshawa auto plants from CIO organizers; the Campbell Soup strike
1945 undated
7 pages
Undated handwritten notes (dated by RD ''Fall of 1945'') re: addressing '' the problem of French Canada;" a historical sketch and the role of the clergy; monopoly capitalism finds a rich field of exploitation today; the rise of petit bourgeois nationalism; comparing wages and hours in Quebec with Ontario; the dead weight of the church and distorted society and education; Lenin quoted on the right of secession of enslaved nations; the reactionary and negative nature of present Quebec nationalism; the lack of any progressive ends of secession existing in Quebec today; ''however the sentiment that the nationalist movement exploits is essentially progressive -

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