Ross Dowson correspondence - Year 1939~1944

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Undated document found in January, " The Founding Conference of the Fourth International: Program and Resolutions," page 109, Resolution on the Work of the Canadian Section," report of the All-American and Pacific pre-Conference endorsing the entry tactic of he SPG on certain conditions; advice on steps to be taken on the establishment of an independent party or group in the near future
feb 16th Document of the National Committee, S.W.L. of Canada, ''Evaluation of C.C.F. entry;'' WPC dissolved in May 1937 with the majority entering the CCF to crystallize a left wing; the slow progress of integration; entry about to end; the positive experiences gained despite failure of tactic
March 20th Article in Socialist Action, official organ of the Socialist Workers' League of Canada, Toronto: '' Program of action to meet the coming war; Failure of CCF and CP; The need for a revolutionary party; Break with the British Empire; Against Imperialist War; for Socialist Defense (against national defense and pacifism); Workers' control, not capitalist ''nationalization''; The farmers Federal work for the workless; , at trade union rates; The fight for better living standards, How to fight fascism; For a Farmer-Labor Government
Sept 1939 Undated flyer found in September; ''Build the anti-war party; Workers of Canada! Today, as in 1914, you are being betrayed into war! What is to be done,'' issued by the Socialist Workers League, Canadian Sec. of the 4th International
undated 1939 Undated document found in 1939, signed by Clark and Dowson (with alterations by unknown person), re: the formal decision to enter CCYM (CCF Youth) the previous year, public entry refused by PEC (CCF); ''back-door entry;'' the nature of the previous party opposition to entry; assessing the entry tactic; the situation within the CCF; the question of split vs. the party orientation; the need to continue an independent existence; a survey of the strength of the SY Clubs; 5 reasons for the entry tactic; 2 observations on the CCYM as a fruitful arena


May 1941 Document: ''Internal Bulletin No. 1, by the Socialist Workers League of Canada, Canadian Section of the 4th International;'' RD: ''RD thinks he wrote this after the defection of Stubbins and Easton: ''The new task - From an educational sect to a proletarian movement;'' on the need to proletarianize the League and break our isolation; we are under the pressure of war and the Defence of Canada Regulations; a call to action of comrades
War, Women & Industry Undated handwritten notes, found in 1941, ''The War, Women & Industry''; on the historical demand for female labor in times of war; now in Canada women are a permanent part of workforce, concentrated in unskilled and semi-skilled occupations but increasing doing men's jobs while remaining largely unorganized


June 16th 1943 Letter to ''Dear Mother,'' stationed at Three Rivers, Quebec; have reached the status of Cadet (officers training)
Letter to Lois Dear Lois letter, in which Ross comments on Lois's plans for future education and employment


May 11th Letter to ''Gentlemen:`` (superiors in the Canadian Army) re: ''my desire to resign my commission in the Canadian army''
Nov 20th Letter to ''Dear Gang,'' on contacts and need for literature; a review of the left press and possible formats and names for a movement paper
Nov. 29th Letter to ''Dear friends;'' ''Ideas pre-press'' (the importance of the paper's name, aimed primarily at the CCF; its format and its major programmatic demands and columns; it is not to become a forum)
Dec 10th Letter to ''Dear Frank,'' re: urging him not to take time off so soon after the Montreal Conference where he was named to the N.C. and to the editorial board of our press

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