Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1937

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Jan. 28 1937 "Statement of N.C. Minority;" RD: Cover
"Statement of N.C. Minority;" RD: "very important document all the more so in that there is no serious majority document (where is RD`s contribution) by Maurice Altman - The whole tone of this document is defeatist - formalistic, sterile - obviously no leadership. See Ross Dowson p. 41 - when did RD join Cdn Section? P.45 NB in opposing adult entry; have to sharpen up youth work"
March 1st 1937 Rough Notes by Ross Dowson - names of majority of activists of SYL
an analysis of the results of entry by the Spartacus Youth League into the CCYM (CCF youth); the lack of progress of recruitment and education in the four units of CCYM; the loss of activism of ex-SYL comrades engaged in entry

SYL Activists List 1st page of lists of activists    2nd page of lists of activists

Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1938

Feb 12/38"Canadian Section, Buro for Fourth International: Internal Report for All America - Pacific Commission," re: C.C.F., C.P., Workers Party, Canadian Report, Youth, Entry, Priority after entry, Social composition, Our present activity; Negotiations with Minority, Field Group, Our perspectives
Apr.~May 1938 Document: 'Resolution of the All-American and Pacific Pre-Conference (April-May 1938) concerning the work of the Canadian Section of the Fourth International;" endorsing the Socialist Policy Group to work in the CCF on the basis of a declaration on the war question; setting a time limit on the entry; other work arenas
April 15th. 1938 Document: "Bulletin on War;" issued by the SPG, re: the critical test of the coming war, our defence of the Soviet Union; our attitude to imperialist war; on pacifism and isolationism; our demands

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