Pamphlets and a Booklet

The Coming Canadian Revolution

Published by Young Socialists/ Ligue des Jeunes socialistes, —a discussion of the challenge before the people of Canada, particularly the youth who, with their idealism, with their example of selflessness and determination are moving out in increasing numbers in the anti-war movement.

The Socialist Vanguard and the New Democratic Party

The key historical document of the Trotskyist movement's strategic and tactical relationship with the mass expression of Canadian working–class political action: The Socialist Vanguard and the New Democratic Party

The Power and Dilemma of the Trade Unions

For many years Ross Dowson followed closely and wrote extensively in the pages of Workers Vanguard about developments in the trade union movement —a collection of back issues would present an accurate and moving story of the victories and the defeats, the present circumstances and the future prospects before this mighty and complex movement forged by the Canadian working class.

Ross Dowson vs. RCMP

A Booklet (copies available from the Webmaster for $10 including mailing): DOWSON V. RCMP: In the Federal Appeal Court The Socialist Rights Defence Fund appeal and list of Socialist Rights Defence Fund supporters

A vivid episode in the on going struggle for freedom of thought and social justice in Canada


Movement Pamphlets 1948 To 2005

A rich resource of information on the Cuban Revolution, Marx & Engels on the Labor Party, Trotsky on Marx and Engels and the labor party; Expulsions of left-wingers from the NDP over the years, the anti-Vietnam War movement, Quebec independence struggle, The Czechoslovakian uprising, and the Fourth International on world revolution with Ernest Mandel on world and workers' states economics.