A "Biographical Sketch of Ross Dowson is available,

as is "A "Memorial tribute."

As well, a more detailed "Short Biography of Ross Dowson" is now available.

NOW AVAILABLE — Ross Dowson's 70 Birthday celebration, titled "55 Years of Struggle'' is now on sale as a double VHS or Double DVD set. It features, aside from Ross himself, vivid testimonials from unionists Joe Meslin and Vic Hugh, as well as from Vernel Olson, Gord Doctorow, Harry Kopyto, Dave Tomszak and family members Anne Dowson and Lois B├ędard, describing their experiences in the Trotskyist movement, touching on episodes from the 1930s to the 1980s.

This re-mastered production includes the City-TV series ''Dowson vs. the RCMP'' and a CBC Fifth Estate interview with Harry Kopyto defending his ''crazy glue'' charge against the courts and the RCMP. Order your copies through the webmaster address below.