The Movement led by Ross Dowson embraces Women's Liberation:

The struggle for Choice on Abortion - the Morgentaler Defence campaign

The Trotskyist movement in Canada was a leading force in decriminalizing abortion and demanding an end to the jailing and persecution of abortionist Henry Morgentaler. As early as 1961 the Workers' Vanguard raised the issue of abortion; then followed the publication of the League for Socialist Action pamphlet "The Status of Women in Canada," a submission to the Royal Commission in 1968. The LSA, then recruiting a new generation of young militant feminist women to its ranks, and with the participation of Ross Dowson, launched into a sustained 15-year battle to help win the decriminalization of abortion and to release Morgentaler from jail. The successful strategy is vividly described in the pages of Labor Challenge and Forward; and finally, Left Caucus Newsletter. The movement's press in Quebec also led an effective campaign in the pages of its journals (French language articles to follow.)


The Status of Women in Canada — text of pamphlet

Statut de la Femme —Above In French

Workers Vanguard 1955-1967 — "The Woman Question

Workers' Vanguard 1955-67 & 1968-70 — selected articles

Labor Challenge 1970-1974 — selected articles

Forward 1974-1984 — selected articles

Left Caucus Newsletter 1985-1993 — selected articles

Quebec— selected articles (available soon) from La Lutte Ouvri√®re/Jeune Garde/Lib√©ration 1969-1974