Series On Canadian Nationalism

Burning issues then, and central to today's politics, was this debate within the Canadian Trotskyist movement, which, although it raged out of control in the hands of the new youth leadership - its arguments on both sides never achieving the luxury of a rational discussion - is of great value for today. Now at last, after a delay of 35 years, these documents can be read by the public as well as the Left as the issue of Canada-US relations becomes ever more acute.

"Canada-US Relations: A socialist viewpoint" (Pamphlet, 1968)"

The first statement by the LSA/LSO on the rising phenomenon described as Canadian nationalist sentiment, dating from 1968. This document formed the majority consensus of opinion in the mainstream Trotskyist movement at that time, but was challenged anew by the new youth leadership by the early 1970s and was to become a major issue in the split of the Forward Group in 1974.

"Canada-US Relations: A socialist viewpoint" Canada-US Relations:(1969)

A reply to Prof. Matthews on Americanization

"The NDP and the Waffle" (Pamphlet, 1971)

"The new stage in Canada-US Relations" (Pamphlet, 1973)

In April 1973 the United Tendency in defending and developing this evaluation of Canadian nationalism, issued the second document The New Stage in Canada - U.S. Relations re-published by the Forward Group in 1980.

"A step backward instead of forward" (Debate document, 1972)

"The key issue at dispute in Canada-US relations, Part 1" (Debate, 1972)

The Chartered Banks And Their Role In Canada-U.S. Relations

"The key issue at dispute in Canada-US relations, Part 2" (Debate, 1973)

(Mandel:) "Is Canada imperialized and its State imperialist?" (Debate, 1973)

"How Canada can break from the U.S. Empire"
"An important speech on the growth of nationalist sentiment in Canada is now available from the original 1972 LSA tapes: