(Ross Dowson joined the Workers Party of Canada in the 1934-1935 period, becoming a member of the Spartacus Youth League, a year or two after his older brother Murray. The purpose of this selection of early "The Vanguard is not to present an overall view of world politics and WPC policies but is limited to providing a sense of the milieu that radical youth of this period encountered. )

Ross was active in the editing of five publications over the period between 1945 and 1989.

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First published as a mimeographed bulletin, the pre-war "Socialist Action" opposed Canada's entry into the imperialist slaughter as a printed journal, until it's seventh issue, when it was banned under the War Measure's Act in September 1939, becoming an underground resistance journal.

1938 to 1942

labour challange 1945-1952

The journal of the Revolutionary Workers Party (RWP), edited by Murray and Ross Dowson, the first major Trotskyist paper in Canada since the 1930s, launched in anticipation that the post-World War 2 strike wave and establishment of the major industrial unions in Canada would lead to a massive political maturing of the working class in this country.

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1945, 1946,1947, 1948,1949, 1950,1951, 1952,


Taking up after a break of 3 years of post-war boom, witch-hunts and class quiescence, the new Canadian Trotskyist journal edited by Ross Dowson documents the re-birth of the movement, the Ban the Bomb and US Black civil rights movements, the Cuban Revolution, the launching of the NDP and the spectacular growth of the LSA-LSO reflecting the youth radicalization of the 1960s highlighted by France in 1968.

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labour challange logo1970-1974

Re-born in a popular, expanded format and edited by three youth newly recruited to the movement, it documents the leading role of the Trotskyist movement in the such struggles as opposing Canadian complicity in the war against Vietnam, pioneering the demand for women's choice on abortion as well as identifying with the upsurge of the Québécois for a French and independent Quebec.

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Forward Group logo1974-1984

With the sudden profound political collapse of the cadre of the LSA-LSO, the forces around Ross Dowson continued the long-established politics of Canadian Trotskyism in a new organization and with a new journal, edited by W.R. and Ross Dowson, with a longterm orientation toward building a left wing in the NDP, and documenting the progressive thrust of growing Canadian nationalist sentiment, as well as the victorious struggles against Stalinism in Poland and finally the Dowson vs. RCMP battle which made Canadian civil rights history.

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Left Caucus Newsletter 1985-1994

With the widespread scattering of left forces, the Forward Group participated in a broad-based caucus within the Ontario NDP, championing socialist policies and opposing the growing conservativism of its leadership under the Rae government, by campaigning against the extension of public funding to Catholic schools, NDP anti-labor wage legislation and the failure to uphold the party program in and out of power.

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