Ross Dowson - Speeches to the LSA

When Ross Dowson spoke at public forums of the League for Socialist Action, or to closed sessions of comrades and guests, his urgent and creative style demanded close attention for as long as he spoke. His rapport with his audiences was derived from his desire to communicate and convince, to win us over to his ideas and views, as well, of course, to the actions he saw as necessary for the movement to take.

1963 - CBC interview Ross Dowson on JFK Assassination

1966 - Fidel Castro's attack on Trotskyism - and the Cuban Revolution

1967 May Day Speech 50th Anniversary of Russian Revolution

The History of Canadian Trotskyist Movement - Pre-1921 to 1939
     1967 Part 1      1967 Part 2      1970- Part 3      1971- Part 4

GLOSSARY of Canadian Socialist & Labor Parties & Tendencies - 1894-1971

1969- May Day Speech World Congress of the Fourth International

1970- Tribute to Max Armstrong 1884-1970

1972- The agony of the Vietnam War, and radicalization beyond Détente
Speech to the League for Socialist Action/Young Socialists and friends of the Vanguard Forum

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