Movement Pamphlets 1962 To 1977

A rich resource of information on the Cuban Revolution, including many of Fidel Castro`s and Che Guevara`s speeches, Marx & Engels on the Labor Party, Trotsky on Marx and Engels and the labor party; Expulsions of left-wingers from the NDP over the years, the anti-Vietnam War movement, Quebec independence struggle, The Czechoslovakian uprising, and the Fourth International on world revolution with Ernest Mandel on world and workers' states economics

(Photocopies of these pamphlets available on request; $10 to $20 for one or more including shipping):

1962 (1) Labor in Cuba, (2) Castro and Cuba's Communists; Two articles by Maurice Zeitlin from The Nation, New York, published by Fair Play for Cuba Cttee., Toronto; (1) Problems of labor in the Revolution; (2) Castro's attack against sectarianism; the role of Stalinists during the Revolution; (back cover: a list of major speeches by Fidel Castro available for order from FPCC)

1962 Fair Play for Cuba Cttee. Newsletter: Bertrand Russell assails U.S. threats against Cuba; Castro: "The Revolution a school of unfettered thought," BC-NDP Youth cheer films on Cuba and Latin America; Fair Play Fiesta; an Eric Nicol poem; Castro: "We will overcome all injustices-"; NDP-CCF MLA Cox heads vigorous Vancouver chapter of FPCC

1962 Trade unions in the epoch of imperialist decay, by Leon Trotsky, published by the Workers' Vanguard Pub. Assn., Toronto; Slogans for freeing the unions; Monopoly capitalism and the unions; Democratic unions in the old sense can no longer exist except under revolutionary leadership

1962 Marx & Engels on the labor party;, published by the Workers Vanguard Publishing Assn. Toronto: From Engels in 1881; from Marx in 1865 Value, Price & Profit; From Marx & Engles, The Communist Manifesto; from Marx's address to the Communist League 1850; from a letter by Engels to an American socialist and to Sorge, 1886; from Marx to Sorge 1877; from Marx & Engels to Bebel, Liebknecht and others 1879; from Engels to Bebel 1882. Second Edition, 1975:, published by Forward: With added article from Engel's introduction to "The conditions of the working class in England," 1887

1963 Cuba's agrarian reform: a speech by Fidel Castro, published by Fair Play for Cuba Committee, Toronto; with an introduction by FPCC Chairman Vern Olson: Why we didn't divide the Latifundios; Who benefits from speculation? Rural unemployment liquidated; Co-operatives and State Farms; Agricultural working class advance; Neither by force nor compulsion; Only with work and sacrifice

1963 Fidel Castro addresses the Congress of American Women, published by the Workers' Vanguard Pub. Assn., Toronto; Havana: (Women) now have the power to act; Advancing with our youth; They can never defeat us; Await first peaceful transition; On the duty of revolutionists; Aim of Alliance for Progress; Peace through struggle

1963 Jack Scott Takes a Second Look at Cuba (impressions of aVancouver SUN columnist), published by Fair Play for Cuba Cttee., Toronto: life in Cuba as the Revolution develops (with an introduction by NDP MP W.H. Herridge).

1963 The Expulsions from the Ontario New Democratic Party: The Case for the Defense; A report of a meeting addressed by five of the expelled youth: 13 youth expelled from NDY; testimony by Toni F., John W., Jim O., Allan E., Dick F., Stan D., published by The Committee to Defend Democracy in the NDP

1963 The Moscow-Peking Dispute and the 4th International, published by Workers' Vanguard, Toronto: Izvestia article "The Splitters form a bloc" (FI and China); A Reply to Ivanovitch's article by Pierre Frank of the United Secretariat-FI; "Forward to Lenin, Not back to Stalin in the fight against Khrushchev" by Ernest Germain (Mandel); The bureaucratic impasse and the way out for communists

1963 The Communist Manifesto Today, by Leon Trotsky;, published by the Workers' Vanguard, Toronto: written by the young Marx and Engels in 1847, Trotsky's historical evaluation is presented in condensed form

1963(?) The labor party in America, by Leon Trotsky;, published by Workers' Vanguard, Toronto: clarification of the term "labor party;" A labor party discussion with JPC and SH (SWP, New York); Two further discussions with Trotsky on the attitude of US revolutionists toward the labor party, Mexico City, 1938

1963 The Law of Value in relation to Self-Management and Investments in the Economy of the Workers States; Some remarks on the discussion in Cuba, by Ernest Germain (Mandel), published by the LSA from World Outlook (an SWP journal -ed.): The Law of Value in the economy during the epoch of transition; The Law of Value and Self-Management

1964 The Real Cuba as three Canadians saw it; Michel Chartrand (Quebec unionist), Vernel Olson (Chairman FPCC) & John Riddell (antiwar activist);, published by Fair Play for Cuba Cttee.: Sympathy for the Chinese; Constructing a new society; Production, Participation of the people; International gathering place; how housing is allocated; building the party of the Revolution

1964 Fidel Castro: Declaration of Santiago, July 26, 1964, published by Fair Play for Cuba Cttee, Toronto: No negotiation of solidarity; The OAS decisions and the Declaration of the Cuban people; We won't be provoked by the call for counter-revolution; Americans are disoriented by their social system, the 12 resolutions of the Declaration of Santiago

1964 'Che' Guevara charges the U.N. to meet the challenge of imperialism, published by Fair Play for Cuba Cttee, Toronto: Speech to UN by Cuban Minister of Industries: the threat of war spreading from Vietnam; South Africa and the murder of Lumumba, the menace of U.S. bases, the need to admit China; Cuban goals and common ties with Latin America; No moral right of imperialists to threaten Cuba

1964 A letter from Havana, by Marc Schleifer (from The Nation, New York), published by Fair Play for Cuba Cttee., Toronto: culture and life in Cuba before, during and after the Escalanté affair; the younger generation's favoring Peking

1964 Dynamics of World Revolution Today, a major document of the Reunification Congress of the Fourth International, published by The Workers' Vanguard Publishing Assn., Toronto: On the inter-relationship between the forces of the colonial revolution, the rising tide of the political revolution in the workers states, and the forces for the socialist transformation of the advanced capitalist sectors of the world.

Late 1964(?) Vive Cuba: Impressions de Cuba, by Ernest Mandel,, publié par Les Amis du Peuple cubain, Outremont QC : Cuba en marche vers le socialisme; une véritable révolution sociale; Dans le domaine agricole les difficultés; Associer les travailleurs a la direction des entreprises; De nouvelles ménaces d'agression pesent sur Cuba; Du blocus et de l'isolement de Cuba

1965 What is socialism? The Debate in the New Democratic Youth, published by the Quebec NDY and the Left Caucus of the Ontario NDY:, re-published from Identity (newsletter of the Quebec Federation of New Democratic Students): The Left Caucus Convention Call; Comments on the LC Convention Call by Wilf Day; A Reply to Mr. Day by Brian Slocock on the slogan for nationalization, and the challenge of the "New Left"

1965-66(?) 'Che' Guevara on Africa, published by Fair Play for Cuba Cttee., Toronto: Interview with Libération, on his tour of Africa; Interview with Révolution Africaine, on his visit to Algeria and Africa

1965-1970 A Socialist Manifesto for the New Democratic Party;, published by the Alberta Socialist Caucus in the NDP; "The need for socialism," The NDP so far has failed to respond to the tasks which face Canadian workers, A socialist program for the NDP (withdraw from all military alliances such as NATO & NORAD; planned development of the Canadian economy…)

1966 Socialism and Man, by Che Guevara, published by Fair Play for Cuba Cttee., Toronto, with an introduction by Eduardo Galeano, A letter from Guevara during his trip through Africa; The Individual, Shaping the New Man; the Development of consciousness; Che's letter to Fidel (on why he is leaving Cuba.) Back cover periodicallist.

1967 Ottawa`s complicity in Vietnam, published by Students Assn. to End the War in Vietnam, Toronto: A liberation struggle for national independence; "negotiated solutions," Canada's ICC role; Arms sales; Blood money; Medical "aid," Conscious complicity; Our responsibility

1967 Stop expulsions in the N.D.P.!, published by the Committee to Defend the Expelled;, Wide support including one MP for protest against leadership actions on the eve of the 4th biennial Convention (thus frustrating the democratic rights of the NDP Socialist Caucus), without the right for hearings for those expelled; "The Expulsion Story" by Gary P., press clippings, "The Harvest of NDY (Youth) Expulsions" by Ken W., "The Politics of the Expulsions" by John S.

1967 Hugo Blanco must not die;, published by Robert McCarthy, Toronto (Amnesty campaign);, Speeches by Andre Gunder Frank (Montreal) and Kenneth Golby (York U.) with support quotes from Jean-Paul Sartre & Che Guevara: Cuzco General Strike; Land or Death! Liberate themselves, Guerrilla struggle; Vietnamization, Increasing suppression
(Ross Dowson speech at the meeting not available)

1968 Czechoslovak's Reply to Kremlin's White periodical:, Setting the record straight (series of documents demonstrating demands of resistance are for socialist democracy); Ralph Schoenman Reports on the secret police repression; Fourth International Protests Aug. 22: demands withdrawal of occupation troops; F.I. draws first Balance Sheet: the failure of the Soviet invasion; Canadian C.P. reacts: reverses previous criticism of Soviet invasion; A Vanguard Publication, Toronto:

1968 (?) La révolution russe, par Léon Trotsky (discourse à la jeunesse de Copenhague en 1932), publié par La Lutte Ouvrière, Montréal: Le « Coup d'état; » Les causes d'Octobre; La question nationale; La révolution permanente, Le Bolchévisme, Bilan d'Octobre; Vers le socialisme

1968 The Status of Women in Canada, a brief submitted to the Royal Commission by the LSA/LSO
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1969 U.S. Aggression in Vietnam & Canada's complicity, by Joe Young;, published by Vietnam Mobilization Cttee, Toronto; the International Control Commission; (Canadians) Apologists and Diplomats; Peace-keeping & Counter-insurgency; Medical Aid Gambit; Merchant of Death; NATO-NORAD and OAS; City Officials, Police, Schools

1970 Free Quebec Political Prisoners, published by Vanguard Publications, Toronto: (selection of topics, 32 pp) Quebec trials attempt to silence nationalists; Law Union petition protests repression (War Measures Act imposed by P-E Trudeau); How Quebec socialists responded; Fired for speaking French; What`s wrong with the Parti Québécois? Chartrand's message from prison, Appeals for united defense actions

1970 Red Power in Canada, by Dick Fidler;, published by Vanguard Publications, Toronto: Condition of the Indians, The developing movement, Program of the National Alliance for Red Power, Toward Nationhood, A new commonwealth

1971 Quebec nationalism: its roots and meaning, by Arthur Young, Pathfinder Press, New York: a history of struggle; bilingualism (a federalist ruse) and the mass uprising against Bill 63; new rise in nationalist struggle; working class support for independence

1974 For a Free Independent Soviet Ukraine! published by Forward Publishing Association , Toronto: Three articles by Leon Trotsky: The Ukrainian Question (1938), To the Ukrainian comrades in Canada (1934); Independence of the Ukraine and Sectarian Muddleheads (1939)

1974 Against sectarianism; the challenge of the labor party, published by the Socialist periodicalshelf Service (Socialist League), Toronto: A polemic against the LSA leadership in the debate over the key question facing socialists in Canada: their relationship to the NDP, Canada's labor party - the correct strategy.

1975 Two Manifestoes: For a radical, revitalized NDP; Turn toward socialism, A Forward Publication, presented to the Ontario NDP Convention and the BC NDP Convention: The tendency towards moderation; the leadership's alteration of party policies, "star" candidates, stunted electoralism and bureaucracy; a Left program for the NDP (the BC manifesto signed by 12 provincial executive members)

1975 Ernest Mandel: On the generalized recession of the international capitalist economy, A Forward Publication, Toronto
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1977 Quebec & the Canada Crisis; For a Constituent Assembly and a new Canadian Constitution;, published by Forward Publications, Toronto: The cry for Canadian unity, Confederation challenged; The alienation of the Québécois; The Native People

Forward, 1977