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Ross Dowson — Labor Challenge articles — 1974

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02_04th LC #94 "The NDP - The Marxist View" ('In Review' column) by Ray Warden (pamphlet based on PC resolution of April 1973 LSA convention} reflecting Riddell leadership turn on longstanding policy of LSA towards the Canadian labor party:) "a welcome explanation [sic] of the barrier to socialism constituted by the NDP leadership" (which also includes quotes from a speech by Ross Dowson, who regarded this pamphlet`s positions as a fundamental revision of the views he propounded and the LSA functioned with up until Spring 1973.)
03_18thLC #97 18 members of LSA/LSO announce resignation, by John Riddell, largely veteran members who included Ross Dowson, Chairman, organized as the "United Tendency" (This report, unlike that dealing with split of RMG [07-09th-1973], outlines the political differences between the Riddell leadership and the UT.)

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