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Ross Dowson — Labor Challenge articles — 1973

One written by Ross Dowson & Maria Fischer, including five Riddell leadership split convention reports)

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05_07th-1a LC #78 1973 (5 pp) Canadian revolutionists meet (Congrès 1973 Convention LSA/LSO Special Feature by Dick Fidler
05_07th-1b (continuation) 'Democratic discussion' (however many key issues not discussed or clarified before a few months prior to convention;) 'Against Canadian nationalism' (Riddell leadership does an about-turn on longstanding movement position on Canadian nationalist sentiment just before convention)
05_07th-1c LSA/LSO convention (continuation) 'Tendencies formed'
05_07th-1d (continuation) leading spokespersons of the RCT given time to make counter-reports
05_07th-e Canadian nationalism vital to capitalist rule (John Riddell report on PC resolution outlines sharp turnaround in movement policy)

07_09th-1a LC #91 LSA deplores split in Trotskyist ranks, by Art Young on split of 25 members of the RCT (organizational aspects only)
07_09th-1b 'Unity attempt fails' (between LSA and [ultraleft] Old Mole and Red Circle tendencies); 'RMG supports split' (a strictly organizational report devoid of any political differences involved)

12_17th LC #92 Obit: Joe Burki, pioneer revolutionary socialist, by Maria Fischer with R.D.

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