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Ross Dowson — Labor Challenge articles — 1972

(Selection of editorial articles and articles signed Ross Dowson or under pseudonym P. Kent or Anne MacDonald)
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LC #49 Is U.S. out to kill Canada's industry?, by Ross Dowson (Washington wishes to re-negotiate the Auto Pact and other 'irritants.")
(continuation) It is the unfavorable trade balance that concerns Washington; the NDP Waffle's made-in-Canada auto as sheer fantasy
03_17thLC #52 (Editorial) Readers pledge over $22,000; Labor Challenge expansion drive
04_10thLC #53 (statement of the PC, LSA/LSO) LSA on Argentine kidnapping (terrorist politics similar to Quebec FLQ)
LC #55 Will Trudeau fight U.S. domination? Labor Challenge interview with Ross Dowson
(continuation) Canada is no colony of the U.S.; the NDP Waffle's lack of program<
(continuation) Canada is an important part of the N.A. market; Photos: The Amchitka (protest) explosion; Trudeau and Nixon
LC #57 Trotskyism and the NDP, based on a speech by Ross Dowson (the NDP leadership denounces all left tendencies as one)
(continuation) LSA challenges leadership's dogmatic devotion to parliamentarism
06_05th-2a 06_05th-2b
(4 pp.) A suppressed page in Canada's history, by P. Kent (Canadian participation in the Spanish Civil War)
Photo: Norman Bethune inadvertently reveals his pacifist views
(continuation) Photo: The Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion -- a machine gun squad
(continuation) Photo: Canadians in the trenches at Teruel; How the C.P. betrayed the revolution
LC #58 Mass action strategy centers on NDP, by Ross Dowson
Photo: Mass movements center on NDP: antiwar activists addressed by T.C.Douglas
(continuation) Photo: Ontario NDP convention: the mass political expression of independent working class politics
LC #59 British labor upsurge reverses Tory offensive, by Ross Dowson; Photos: jailing of unionists blocked, mobilizing against anti-labor bill(continuation) The government retreats; the showdown battle ebbs
07_31stLC #61 Minority splits from LSA/LSO, by Ross Dowson (group around Michel Mill in Quebec)
08_21stLC #62 (Editorial) Labor to power with the NDP! By Joan Newbigging, Vancouver LSA; What the NDP stands for; Photo montage
10_19th-1LC #65 LSA-LSO elects new executive secretary (John Riddell succeeds Ross Dowson who becomes Chairman
(5 pages) Trotsky: his life, his relevance today, from a speech by Ross Dowson
(continuation) (advertisement for selection of books by Trotsky)
(continuation) Photo: Ross Dowson
Photo montage: Trotsky's theory of Permanent Revolution in practise
(continuation) Bolshevism; the Transitional Program

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