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Labor Challenge articles by Ross Dowson (Pseudonym Paul Kane) & editorial articles (note re dates: 01_15 = Mid-January)

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01_01st-1a Vol. VI No. 11 (whole 100) Tramway strikers defy Bay Street; Score gains, by Paul Kane
01_01st-1b (continuation) TTC strike
01_01st-2 CCF ranks hit new draft program (as labor enters fray); Co-op Oil offer to Iran blocked by Wall Street & Kremlin (editorials)
01_01st-3 Report of Congress of 4th (International) available
01_01st-4 (Editorials) Looking ahead into 1952 (Churchill and Truman speak of "uncontrollable forces" at loose); For united labor (political) action
03_01st-1 (101) USSR no peril, NATO prepares war machine (editorial)
03_01st-2 Ont. & B.C. labor re-endorses CCF (as its political arm) (editorial article)
03_01st-3 (Editorial) Reinstate the 32 (fired during Ford strike); We dip our flag, by Ross Dowson (death of his mother)
03_01st-4 How Ceylonese socialists wage election campaign (activities of the LSSP) (editorial article)
03_01st-5 Campaigned for Labor Challenge (sub drive); Left Jabs
04_01st-1a (102 - final issue) CCF attacks gov't on NATO policy, by Paul Kane
04_01st-1b (continuation) CCF hits NATO
04_01st-2 (Editorial) Get the troops out of Korea!
04_01st-3 (Editorial) (CCF leader) Coldwell NATO stand vindicates CCF left
04_01st-4 (Editorials) The Soviet note on Germany (Stalin seeks a deal with Washington); Action on unemployment (no jobs and no money for those seeking work); RWP announces dissolution

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