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Labor Challenge articles by Ross Dowson (Pseudonym Paul Kane) & editorial articles (note re dates: 01_15 = Mid-January)

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01_01st-1 Whole number (90) (Editorial) NO wage freeze! No labor draft! No conscription! (into the Korean war); An Open Letter to the CCF M.P.s by R. Dowson, Ntl. Sec'y, R.W.P.
01_15th-2 (Editorials) New power in Asia (Korean and Chinese masses will resist war drive); Our confidence in the future (revolutionary optimism facing immediate grim future)
01_15th-3 Trotskyism around the globe: F.I. Plenum, Indonesia, U.S.A., Sweden, Ceylon
01_15th-4a Red-baiters help the Stalinists cover up rotten union record, by Paul Kane
01_15th-4b (continuation) (Stalinist journalist smears labor leaders Millard and Mackenzie as strike "provocateurs")

02_15th-1a (91) Let the people vote on war! House ignores majority's cry 'Stop the Korean war'; Premier Douglas' challenge (Editorial)
02_15th-1b (continuation) (PM) St. Laurent usurps powers
02_15th-2 (Editorials) Whose emergency? (Minister of Defense threatens suspension of civil liberties); Coldwell's friends (the CCF's international associates are anti-labor like Nehru and Rhee)
02_15th-3 Whither Peace Congress?? Answer in delegates' hands, by Ross Dowson (the Stalinists' role in the pacifist petition campaign)

03_15th-1a (92) New emergency powers give St. Laurent a blank cheque; CCF MPs fall for price control trap, by Paul Kane
03_15th-1b (continuation) St. Laurent takes dictatorial powers
03_15th-2 (Editorial) The Canadian tradition and the war in Korea (skepticism over claim of war for 'democracy and freedom')
03_15th-3a Trotskyist union leader shows how… (Ceylonese speaker at business-unionist ILO meeting)
03_15th-3b (continuation) …how to speak for labor (class struggle unionism)
03_15th-4 (Editorials) Truman-insurrectionist (advocate masses overthrow leaders in workers' states); Claxton slips one over (sends Canadian brigade to Korea)

04_15th-1a (93) For a (national) united labor rally; To hammer out a program of action! And consumer's committees! (Editorial)
04_15th-1b (continuation) The executive council of the CCL takes the lead
04_15th-2 (Editorials) A glimpse into the future (BC workers fight health insurance rate increase); Internationalism, May Day 1951 (the capitalists' and Canadian labor brass's versions)
04_15th-3 Trotskyism and the CCF, by Paul Kane (CCF leaders' and Stalinists attack CCF left wing in unison)
04_15th-4 The RWP in action; Organize new German (Trotskyist) party

06_15th-1a (94) Escalator clause rouses heated debate in unions, by Ross Dowson
06_15th-1b (continuation) (union tops and Stalinists oppose "trotskyist" escalator clauses)
06_15th-2 Heroic Bolivian miners' leaders face death, ask international aid (special report)
06_15th-3 Trotskyism around the globe: Ceylon, U.S.A., Switzerland
06_15th-4 Thumbs down on rich man's war! (editorial on Canada in Korean War); CCF leader says call vote on war
06_15th-5 (Editorials) No co-ordination here (CCL leaders speak militantly but practise class collaboration); Balance sheet of the Left (in BC the CCF left speaks well but cedes the battle)

08_01st-1a (95) Bring the Pats home now - Is the way to peace in Korea; troops want to quit Korea now, by Ross Dowson
08_01st-1b (continuation) Bring Pats out of Korea
08_01st-2 Union PACs move to back up the CCF (editorial article)
08_01st-3 (Editorials) The Gale decision; Labor and the law (must bypass the Labor Relations Act); There is NO peace (distrust "peace" negotiations between Washington and the Kremlin)
08_01st-4 Housing - the No. 1 scandal; Nothing less than $10,000, by Paul Kane (affordable housing shortage)
08_01st-5 RWP holds inspiring convention
08_01st-6 National tour sparks Challenge sub drive; the Editor replies to a letter critical of CCF coverage
08_01st-7 Why teen-agers take dope (editorial article)

09_01st-1a (96) Sask. CCF rally opens vistas; Demands repeal of Garson amendments for China recognition, raps Korean war
09_01st-1b (continuation) Anti-war line can revive CCF, by Paul Kane
09_01st-2 CCF affiliates to ghost of the bankrupt 2nd (International), by Ross Dowson
09_01st-3 (Editorials) The real culprits (three Canadians soldiers jailed for war crimes as massacres and mass murders routine); No action on layoffs (Autoworkers want same pay for shorter work week)
09_01st-4 The RWP in action (Murray Dowson and B. Brent on tour); SWP (US) runs Carlson and Dobbs for presidency

10_01st-1a (97) World Congress of 4th Int'l meets (in Europe)
10_01st-1b (continuation) Important advances; Latin America (editorial article)
10_01st-2a The daily papers, High-powered propaganda sheets, by Ross Dowson
10_01st-2b (continuation) of capitalist class; support the workers' press
10_01st-3a Anti-war forces rise but Peace Camp upset, by Paul Kane
10_01st-3b (continuation) (Stalinist Congress preaches 'peaceful co-existence')
10_01st-4 (Editorials) A crude deception (500 troops can pull out of Korea); Of historic significance (3rd World Congress of the F.I.)
10_01st-5 Labor Challenge sub campaign great success; A progress report on the New Canada (Brent and M. Dowson on national tour)

11_01st-1a (98) You asked for it, and…
11_01st-1b (continuation) …and here it is (the Editor challenges Minister Garson to enforce the combines act to end price fixing)
11_01st-2a The press of the LPP (Canadian Stalinists)
11_01st-2b (continuation) …the Cdn (Tribune) & Pacific Tribune
11_01st-2c (continuation) (their tortuous twists in line, their lies and intrigues), by Ross Dowson
11_01st-3 (Editorials) Lesson from Ontario (Tory & liberal promises rob the CCF of its reformist program); Taxes and escalators (labor challenges laggard government cost-of-living index)
11_01st-4 Labor bookstore opens in Toronto; the Challenge drive needs your support; Van. CCF club and the Challenge talk things over

12_01st-1a (99) CCF debacle in Ont.; What's to be done
12_01st-1b (continuation) M.J. Coldwell "astounded;" What CCF vote could have been, by Paul Kane
12_01st-2a CCF leaders' draft statement flouts Regina Manifesto & ranks
12_01st-2b (continuation) "the draft would put the CCF at the service of imperialism" (editorial article)
12_01st-3 (Editorials) Warning to labor (precedent of busting CSU leads to actions against unions supporting CCF and allied with LPP); Unemployment and immigration (ban on immigrants no answer)
12_01st-4 Report debate and anti-war rally in BC (LC national tour); Stimulating forum held by Toronto branch of RWP; Collect pledges assure success Challenge drive
12_01st-5 (Workers' bookshelf, review) James P. Cannon (SWP-US) pamphlet "The Road to Peace" (guest article by John G. Wright)

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