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Labor Challenge articles by Ross Dowson (Pseudonym Paul Kane) & editorial articles (note re dates: 01_15 = Mid-January)

(Editor: Ross Dowson )

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(78) 15,600 vote for RWP candidate; Labor vote declines in boss-slate sweep (Ross Dowson Toronto mayoralty campaign)
(continuation) labor vote falls
01_01st-2 RWP candidate speaks (Ross Dowson on radio)
01_01st-3 Fourth International answers Yugoslav CP views on Trotskyism and internationalism (editorial article)
01_01st-4 (Editorials) Lesson from down under (defeats of Australian and New Zealand laborite parties contradict CCF leadership); Atlantic Pact in action (16.4% of Canadian national budget spent on armaments)
01_01st-5 An appeal for aid by Greek workers (special report from FI)

(79) Go-ahead given hell bomb; Humanity faces destruction; People must demand right to vote on peace or war (editorial article)
(continuation) "their own suicidal interests"
02_01st-2 Duplessis padlocks UJPO; Protest movement rising, by Jean LaPlante (Jewish cultural center closed down by Quebec law)
02_01st-3 Frenzied chorus to Buck can't drown out the truth, by Ross Dowson (veteran Canadian Stalinist leader eulogized)
02_01st-4 (Editorials) Labor must win (despite treachery of BLP's first 5 years in office); It all adds up (CIO-CCL bureaucrats line up with State Department anti-Communist witch-hunt)
02_01st-5 Trotskyism around the globe: Ceylon, Germany, Bolivia, France

03_01st-1 (80) 'New approach' in drive toward H-Bomb war, by Paul Kane
03_01st-2 (Editorial article) Outlook for Left; With program, organization it can play historic role (the RWP assesses it's tasks in relation to the rightward drift of the CCF)
03_01st-3 (Editorials) Sliding scale of hours (no answer to need for shorter work week with the same take-home pay); Secret of Lewis' power (US labor bosses hate this mineworkers leader's militancy)
03_01st-4 The real Marx, by Ross Dowson (a review of Marxist and non-Marxist literature on socialism)

04_01st-1 (81) Ignores needs of masses; Abbott feeds war machine; Housing, welfare by-passed in budget (editorial article)
04_01st-2 (Editorial article) May Day, 1950 and labor's task; Manifesto of the RWP
04_01st-3 Ford pension settlement opposed by large minority, by Jean LaPlante (UAW brass and Canadian lieutenants' deal for Canadian autoworkers)
04_01st-4 (Editorials) "Our way of life" (Boss party MP and Senator decry "foreign ideas"); Not anything goes (defending Stalinist unionists against Steelworkers bureaucrats' red-baiting raids)
04_01st-5 "The worker's forum:" Criticism and reply (LC's analysis of Mine, Mill-Steelworkers struggle; Editor's reply)
04_01st-6 Trotskyism around the globe (Ceylon, France, Sweden, United States, Italy
04_01st-7 The RWP in action; RWP paper raises storm at Penticton (BC CCF convention)
04_01st-8 Stalin's police jail victims of fascism (in Germany)

(82) RWP speaker exposes (Stalinist-dominated) Peace Congress policy (editorial article)
(continuation) Peace Congress hears Dowson (who denounces pacifist "peace slogan")
05_01st-2 (Editorials) For unity via submission (CCF brass attempt whitewash of Coldwell leadership and smearing Labor Challenge); Quite a different tune (despite post-war boom, Canadian business turns protectionist against Japan and UK)
Winnipeg General Strike, by Ross Dowson
(continuation) One of the most glorious pages in the history of labor's struggle for a better world

(83) The big brass increase grip over country, by Ross Dowson (the major push to adopt laws "prussianizing" Canada)
(continuation) Photo: PM St. Laurent: Pal of the big (military) brass
06_15th-2 Flood victims demand govt. compensation, by Paul Kane
06_15th-3 The LPP and Buck's hate-the-Yank drive, by Jean LaPlante (Canadian Stalinists' popular front nationalism)
06_15th-4 (Editorials) The real danger (cold-war dismissals from public service defended by Defense minister); Their friends (crook pals of Truman and Duplessis pardoned)
06_15th-5 4th International Eighth Plenum meets; Oscar Coover (US) Trotskyist, dead

(84) (editorial article) PM commits country to war; Cdn. ships sent to Korea to aid Wall Street puppet; First Cdn. victim of Korean War (civil rights)
(continuation) (PM) St. Laurent commits country
07_15th-2 (Editorials) None so blind (Quebec superior court sanctions Padlock Law); To our new readers (an apology by the editors of Labor Challenge to all new readers)
07_15th-3 Some recent events in the 4th International; Trotskyist bulletin on the Czech trials
07_15th-4 CCF leaders have to account to rank and file at (national) Convention, by Paul Kane (Coldwell leadership continues unilateral rightward drift)

08_15th-1 (85) (Editorial) Majority oppose (Korean) war; Let the people vote!
08_15th-2 Coldwell leadership lash into CCF left at party's historic national convention; Big CCYM vote hits war drive (editorial article) (Vancouver delegate leads anti-war resolution fight)
08_15th-3 CCF leaders warmonger; Opposition's stand weak (on issue of Korean War)
08_15th-4 (Editorials) Turning point for the Left (must turn to rank-and-file for support); A question for the Cominform (Yugoslavia's workers' control laws has put Stalinist world body in a rage)

09_15th-1 (86) "Guns not butter" the promise of Abbott's budget, by Paul Kane
09_15th-2 (Editorials) Dear Mrs. Hall (red-baiting campaign against Hall the anti-communist leader of SIU scabs proves a point); Profiteering causes price rises
(PM) St. Laurent follows in Mackenzie King's footsteps, by Ross Dowson
(continuation) How the Liberal Party dragooned the Canadian people into the Second World imperialist slaughter
09_15th-4 The RWP in action; $1,300 drive opens for Labor Challenge

(87) UN-US imperialism crushes Korean freedom struggle; Murderous terror in conquered areas (editorial article)
(continuation) Korean freedom
10_15th-2 (Editorials) Aid heroic Yugoslavs (drought and Stalin's refusal of aid means Western credits needed); Peace Congress' "new" call (Stalinists and pacifists refuse to mobilize against war)
J.S. Woodsworth, heirs and heritage, by Ross Dowson
(continuation) "The untrained masses are quite unfitted to pass judgment that face modern executives."
LPP calls on CCF left-wing; Here are its real credentials, by Paul Kane
(continuation) (the Stalinist class-collaborationist record) (Stalinist) politics in the union(s)
10_15th-5 Trotskyism around the globe; Ceylon, Bolivia, Uruguay
10_15th-6 Labor Challenge financial drive off to a good start; Program of action!

(88) How to fight inflationary wage cuts, by Paul Kane
(continuation) Wage drive & price committees the answer
11_15TH-2 (Editorials) The UN endorses Franco (PM Pearson supports entry of fascist regime to UN); The Russian Revolution (proves the future belongs to the world socialist revolution)
11_15th-3 A balance sheet of witch hunt in unions, by Jean LaPlante
11_15th-4 RWP outlines policy on Toronto election (supports labor candidate for Board of Control); LC financial drive needs boost

(89) STOP THE WAR NOW! Pearson confirms Truman's A-Bomb threat; Ottawa to increase drive towards war (editorial article); Labor Challenge drive for $1,300 goes over the top
(continuation) Graphic: General MacArthur
12_15th-2 (Editorials) The real finding (Supreme Court ruling ending racism in land ownership law devoid of moral principles); The Germans vote (overwhelmingly against war and militarization)
12_15th-3 Why are the CCF and CCL leaderships silent on the question of Yugoslavia? (not the desired type of "third force"?) (editorial article)
12_15th-4 Workers Bookshelf: Leon Trotsky's "Stalin's Frame-up system and the Moscow Trials"; Trotskyist poll up in U.S. elections
12_15th-5 Good vote for (labor candidate Ford) Brand in Toronto election, by Ross Dowson

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