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Labor Challenge articles by Ross Dowson (pseudonyms: Paul Kane, Jean LaPlante) & editorial articles (Note re dates: 01_15th-1b page 2, first article Jan. 15th issue)

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(66) (Editorial article) 23,777 vote for R.W.P. candidate; Dowson makes big gains as LPP and CCF drop
(continuation) Second (radio) broadcast; Stalinist opportunism
01_01st-2 Radio speech heard by Toronto workers (by Dowson mayoralty candidate)
01_01st-3 AFL chiefs launch assault on autonomous rights of TLC (US- based craft union federation attempts to lay down law to Canadian labor
01_01st-4 (Editorials) Free the seamen (CSU-AFL members jailed framed in union-busting by bosses); Catspaw for bosses (American labor brass recruited to sell Marshall Plan)
01_01st-5 Stalinist M.P. joins Ceylon Trotskyists
02_01st-1 (67) (Editorials) The tradition is ours (Buck held up as founder of Canadian communism, but what of the others?); Prepare for tomorrow (economic crisis facing Canada)
02_01st-2 Trotskyism around the globe: China, Indonesia, Belgium, Italy, Germany
03_01st-1 (68) La Vérité published by Quebec Trotskyists; Activities of the RWP (Toronto)
03_01st-2 (Editorials) At last the truth (US strategist Dulles admits Soviet Union strives for economic development, not war); Long live La Vérité! (RWP Quebec journal)
CCF youth group and party rank and file reject Coldwell-Lewis support of North Atlantic War pact, by Ross Dowson
(continuation) Join the scabs
03_01st-4 Vancouver RWP hits lay-offs, advances program (Reg Bullock speaks)
04_01st-1 (69) Doors slam on B.C. and Ontario labor lobbies, by Paul Kane
(Editorial article) How to fight the Pact (Atlantic Pact, adjunct to UNO)
(continuation) CCF rank and file resolutions against Atlantic war pact (RWL position)
04_01st-3 (Editorials) "A thing of honor" (Cardinal Spellman denounced as strike-breaker by Catholic workers); But we remember… (facts of complicity of CCF and Stalinists in aiding the expelling of Japanese from BC during WW2)
04_01st-4 Trotskyism around the globe: Ceylon, France, Indonesia, United States, Japan
(70) May Day Manifesto of the R.W.P.
(continuation) The union bureaucracy; a Workers Program
05_01st-2 Strike firm, policy soft in Asbestos (strike report from La Vérité)
05_01st-3 Railwaymen want control of nationalizations; dissatisfaction of British workers rises, by Jean Laplante
05_01st-4 Lewis swindles convention which way for left wing, by Paul Kane (BC CCF defies leadership support for Atlantic war pact)
05_01st-5 (Editorials) A good move - but - (Steelworkers local decides on shorter work week with the same hourly rate of pay); World Peace Congress fraud (Stalinists make empty threats, capitalist press pretends to be "shocked"; Lenin's example)
05_01st-6 Inside report on China war (from Chinese Trotskyists)
(71) Vote CCF - reject boss parties; National Secretary reaffirms RWP policy of critical support, by Ross Dowson
(continuation) Support CCF
06_01st-2 Trotskyism haunts Commons (Government hacks red-bait Rodney Young, (BC) CCF-MP)
06_01st-3 Bengough to dump CSU Seamen, (but) win (British dockers) Support, by Paul Kane (Canadian and AFL bureaucrats abandon CSU support against SIU drive)
06_01st-4 (Editorials) Asbestos (important Quebec strike shakes off Catholic influences); For trade union control (of the CCF, despite Stalinist intrigues)
06_01st-5 RWP in Bolivian struggles (FI participates in proletarian united front)
06_01st-6 4th International program for China (against the Kuomintang and Mao's eight-point peace program)
06_01st-7 Anti-war program outlined to congresses by De Silva (leader of Ceylonese Trotskyists speaks to Congress of partisans of peace in Paris)
(72) What's behind the CCF debacle? CCF leaders aided big Liberal sweep by weak-kneed electoral policy, by Paul Kane
(continuation) CCF; Unions line up in new wage drive; Bosses prepare for tough battle, by Jean LaPlante
07_01st-2 Trotskyism around the globe: Egypt, Holland, Indonesia, France
07_01st-3 The pay-off on LPP election treachery, by Ross Dowson (Stalinist electoral support for Liberals results in LPP vote free fall)
07_01st-4 (Editorials) Only three cents (corporate profits dwarf workers waves, dividends double them); Paris ("Cold War") Conference
08_01st-1 (73) British Trotskyists dissolve RCP; Enter Labor Party
08_01st-2 An end to lies and secrets; Let the people decide, by Jean LaPlante (American imperialism dictates policy of unconditional surrender of Germany, Japan and Italy, supported by the allies and the BLP)
08_01st-3 West Coast leader rips Coldwell's policy, by Ross Dowson (Left-winger Colin Cameron draws lessons of bankrupt CCF program)
08_01st-4 (Editorials) Vatican thought-control (favors fascists over communists); Why they wrecked it (Stalin sabotages Bill of Rights conference in order to preserve verdict of Moscow trials)
08_01st-5 The RWP in action, by Susan Joyce (LC sub campaign)
09_01st-1 (74) Stalinists withdraw CSU from Congress; Give green-light to Hall gang and SIU; Does this herald spit from TLC & CCL, by Paul Kane
09_01st-2 (Editorial) Rally the CCF left! Call a conference! Forge a program!
09_01st-3 Tasks before CCL-CIO rally, by Jean LaPlante
09_01st-4 (Editorials) All this could be - but (capitalism squanders social wealth); The time is now (the silence from the church and Stalinists in defence of civil rights)
09_01st-5 First hand report of struggle led by Bolivian Trotskyists (special report)
09_01st-6 Is Tan Malaka, Indonesian leader, still alive? (Trotskyist and veteran communist has disappeared)
10_01st-1 (75) Prices skyrocket; Bosses profiteer through Canadian dollar devaluation, by Jean LaPlante
10_01st-2 Vancouver CCF club and RWP discuss problems facing the left, by Paul Kane
10_01st-3 (Editorial) A-Bomb monopoly broken (by the Soviets - either international socialism or atomic annihilation)
Tito-Stalin clash; Why workers in all countries must defend Yugoslavia; An Open Letter to Labor Progressive Party members (editorial article)
(continuation) Why Stalin wants to destroy Tito
(continuation) Stalin not a communist
(continuation) Fourth International issues statement condemning frame-up trials in Hungary
10_01st-5 Labor Challenge opens $1,500 drive
11_01st-1 (76) Sask. legislation tangled up and junked by hostile courts (disallow provincial recognition of taxi drivers' union)
11_01st-2 Fratricidal strife engulfs UE locals, by Jean LaPlante (after Stalinist leadership expelled from CIO)
11_01st-3 (Editorials) The trust-busting blow-up (public anti-combines guardian exposed); Two democracies (CCF internal democracy for leadership only)
11_01st-4 You've got to pay for what you get (Labor Challenge fund drive)
b class="pub"> (77) RWP enters Toronto elections; Runs Ross Dowson for mayoralty on fighting program for workers
(continuation) CCF-LPP policy on civic elections; Paper fund drive at two-third mark, last push needed (LC fund drive)
12_01st-2 (Editorials) The real subversives (conspiracies of the Vatican and Smallwood government in Newfoundland); Coldwell's war stand (CCF supports Ottawa war budget)
First mayor of Toronto led revolt against Tories (under William Lyon MacKenzie
(continuation) "…(even) in disillusionment, MacKenzie reveals his deep insight and revolutionary instinct."

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