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Vol. 3 No. 1 (30) 3,201 votes won by RWP Candidate; (Murray) Dowson polls 3% of Toronto vote; CCF silent, LPP supports Tory Mayor
(continuation) LPP failed to answer red-baiters
01_15th-2 Financial drive goes over top; Workers back Labor Challenge
02_01st-1 (31) A lesson on revolutionary potential of the workers, by Ross Dowson
02_01st-2 January 'Fourth International' reports American Trotskyist 12th Convention; RWP condemns French raid on worker's rally (in Indochina)
02_01st-3 Manager's column (sub drive)
(32) Bolivians elect four Trotskyists on Workers' United Front slate (special)
(continuation) Some victories; Trotskyist seized in Burma raid
02_15th-2 Trotskyist program is sole realistic one for workers, by Ross Dowson
02_15th-3 SWP demands end to French war in Indo-China (special)
03_01st-1 (33) Unity in struggle, by Ross Dowson (United Front vs. Peoples' Front)
03_01st-2 Revolutionists active in Burma (special report on Trotskyists' analysis)
03_01st-3 Pickets hit discrimination at Toronto rink (Jews and Negroes barred)
(34) 10% rent-hike still threat, Gov't admits, by Paul Kane
(continuation) Parliament debate shows
03_15th-2 The Stalinist bureaucracy and the defense of (the) USSR, by Ross Dowson; Red-baiting marks Cartier campaign for Fred Rose seat (imprisoned Stalinist ex-MP), by Jean La Plante
03_15th-3 10,000 at rally of Ceylon Trotskyists; Ceylon Trotskyist party runs slate in general election (special reports)
04_01st-1 (35) Vicious anti-labor bill of Duplessis government would cripple trade unions in Quebec province, by Jean LaPlante
04_15th-1 (36) Anti-labor bill passes in B.C.; Provinces backing up dominion drive to outlaw strikes, hamstring unions, by R. Bullock (special to L.C.)
04_15th-2 1250 new readers in 3 months is goal in Labor Challenge drive
04_15th-3 U.S. Trotskyists publish statement on unification (from The Militant)
04_15th-4 Withdraw the troops (from Austria & Germany) ! Manifesto of the Austrian Trotskyists
04_15th-5 How Sullivans are made, by Ross Dowson (Seamen's union leader sells out and red-baits Stalinists.
(37) Manifesto of RWP: Only road for labor on May Day, 1947; War danger is real!
(continuation) Only road for labor
05_01st-2 "Free Trotskyist!" say 1000,000 Indian strikers (president of Madras Labor Union; article from Ceylon)
05_01st-3 (Prime Minister) King leads Dominion drive against unions, by Ross Dowson
05_01st-4 14th B.C. CCF convention shows leaders' opportunism, by Paul Kane
05_15th-1 (38) Anti-labor drive mounting as bill goes before House; Cabinet okays substitute for P.C.1003, imposing arbitration, fines for unions, by Paul Kane
05_15th-2 Stalinist goons attack distributors of 'Labor Challenge' in Vancouver parade
05_15th-3 Sub drive wins 334 new readers in first 3 weeks
(39) CCL committee fails to coordinate new wage drive, by Ross Dowson
(continuation) (Labor congress) fails to unify drive for increases
06_01st-2a 06_01st-2b Ottawa sends anti-union bill to committee, by Paul Kane
(continuation) Govt's union-busting bill; Quebec unions hit MP's importation of 'slave laborers'
06_01st-3 RWP protests arrest of union leaders in India
06_01st-4 4th International calls for aid to German workers (Germany carved up into four occupation zones)
06_01st-5 463 new subs are chalked up in first 5 weeks of campaign
(40) New status a trap for India; Labor party partition offer will bring new antagonisms, economic chaos, by Ross Dowson; Greek revolutionists face death penalty (Trotskyists)
(continuations) Dominion status for Indian people; Labor presses demands for new wage; Labor presses demands for new wage increases, by Paul Kane
06_15th-2 Fourth International has heroic record in China
06_15th-3 "Labor Challenge" sub-getters pass half-way mark in campaign
07_01st-1 (41) U.S. unions defy anti-labor law; Miners, Omaha packing workers strike as Taft-Hartley slave labor bill passes, by Paul Kane
07_01st-2 (Government) Reign of terror rages in Egypt (special)
07_01st-3 New subs set record as campaign hits 9th week
08_01st-1 (42) RWP barred at (federal) labor bill (338) hearings
08_01st-2 Strikes and demonstrations rock the Italian government, by Paul Kane
08_01st-3 Trotskyists urge (U.S.)labor party as answer to Taft-Hartley Law
08_01st-4 Over top with 1267 subs in Labor Challenge drive
(43) CCF's record in Saskatchewan - A warning, by Paul Kane
(continuation) CCF's record is a warning to workers
08_15th-2 Canada signs pack with Greece as terror mounts, by Joe Rose
08_15th-3 French Trotskyist youth group appeals to expelled socialists, by Murray Dowson; Bolivian Trotskyists (International Comment)
08_15th-4 Our program (the RWP)
09_01st-1 (44) Drive launched to raise $1750 for Labor Challenge
09_01st-2 Indo-China revolutionists examine lessons of struggle (special) (Trotskyists hold congress on 2nd anniversary of Vietnamese Revolution of 1945)
09_01st-3 German convention founds a new Trotskyist section
The heritage of Leon Trotsky; excerpts from memorial address by Ross Dowson, RWP National Secretary
(continuation) Revolutionary youth; Trotsky's idea
(continuation) A party is needed
09_15th-1 (45) Dollar crisis threatens Canada, by Ross Dowson
09_15th-2 The union leaders and labor's needs (Part 1 of 2), by Paul Kane; (Trotskyist) Manifesto gives program for Spanish workers
09_15th-3 Trotsky speech featured at two memorial meetings; U.S. Trotskyists plan presidential campaign for '48; (Spanish F.I.) Manifesto
09_15th-4 Toronto pledges $875 in Labor Challenge drive
10_01st-1 (46) (Editorial) B.C. labor can smash Bill 39 by 242-hour general strike; Time for action
10_01st-2 The union leaders and labor's needs (Part 2), by Paul Kane
10_01st-3 (Subscriptions) Manager's column
(47) Ceylon Trotskyists win seats in New Parliament (special)
(continuation) Ceylon Trotskyists
10_15th-2 TLC, CCL conventions in grip of bureaucrats, by Ross Dowson
10_15th-3 RWP was founded one year ago as section of 4th International
10_15th-4 "Protest our exile!" Greek prisoners plead (includes Trotskyists)
10_15th-5 Branches step up drive for Labor Challenge fund; RWP in action: Vancouver leaflets urge 24-hr.(general) strike (against Bill 39)
(48) (Editorials) Road of October is still the way for all workers
(continuation) Colonies on (the) march
11_01st-2 Belgrade Bureau exposed as fraud; Manifesto of the 4th International
11_01st-3 (Stalinist) Pacific Tribune smears RWP for 24-hour strike call in B.C.
11_01st-4 Govt. spreads terror against Bolivian workers (Trotskyist OBR targeted)
11_01st-5 Message to Labor Challenge readers, by Paul Kane (sub drive)
11_15th-1 (49 ) World crisis faces Canada; Dollar shortage acute, by Ross Dowson
11_15th-2 In Memory of our fighting leader; (Obituary): Jack MacDonald
(50) RWP enters Toronto elections; Names Ross Dowson for Mayor and Harry Clairmont for Controller
(continuation) Photo: RWP candidate Clairmont
12_01st-2 Campaign fund hits $1561 as drive draws to close; Boosting the 'Challenge'
(51) RWP on Toronto ballot for May, Controller; Trotskyist candidates' city election platform; Elect Trotskyist to Ceylon Senate
(continuation) For working class political action, Consumers' control of prices
(continuation) RWP issues program to Toronto workers
12_15th-2 4th International hits dismantling German plants; Manifesto of 4th International Secretariat

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