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Editorials written by Richard Fidler and Ross Dowson

Jan. 8th Art. 1WV # 140 (unsigned, editorial) Young Soviet Critics tried for ‘Treason’
Jan. 8th Art. 2 Alberta NDP debate: a contribution to the discussion, by Ross Dowson (for a broad, free ranging debate)
Jan. 22nd WV # 141 Outcry over C-186; Ignores Quebec rights, by Ross Dowson (CLC’s inside track with Canadian Labor Relations Board)
Feb. 5th Art.1 WV #142 (unsigned, editorial) Citizens’ support for jailed Soviet critics
Feb. 5th Art.2 Only NDP can fight U.S. economic control, by Ross Dowson; …’Nationalism’
Feb. 5th Art.3 Fidel (Castro) flays CP inaction (Cuban CP at Cultural Congress)
Feb. 5th Art.4 (Editorial) No concessions to pro-war red-baiters! (McCarthyite smears in Toronto Telegram)
Feb. 19th Art.1 WV # 143 U.S. control and the NDP; Alternatives for Canada, by Ross Dowson (polemic with Charles Taylor)
Feb. 19th Art.2 Editorial) ‘A monumental political hoax’ (Ottawa constitutional congress on Quebec language equality)
Feb. 19th Art.3 (Canadian) CP admits Ukraine Russification (but clears Stalin’s heirs), by Ross Dowson
Mar. 4 Art.1 WV # 144 Who owns Canada? Report of Gordon’s Task Force, by Ross Dowson
Mar. 4 Art.2 (Editorials)The meaning of the parliament ‘Crisis’ (tax surcharge maneuver shakes confidence in stability)
Mar. 4 Art.3 (Review):“Education in Soviet Ukraine” by John Kolasky (author’s confusion on issue of national rights)
Mar. 18 Art.1
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WV # 145 Dim outlook for Prairies, by Ross Dowson
(grocery chains behind massive increase in cost of living)
Prairie outlook; Vanguard publication fund drive
Mar. 18 Art.2 (Editorials) Pax Americana: the lesson of Vietnam; Rose Karsner Cannon 1890-1968
Apr. 1st Art.1
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WV #146 (Editorials) Expose Liberal gov’t complicity in the war!
Revolt in East Europe (Czechoslovakia & Poland); Mastering Stalinism (CPC confirms Ukraine rights violations but slander critic John Kolasky)
Apr. 15th Art.1
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WV #147 (Editorials)
Who are they kidding about Trudeau (the “left winger”?)
The renewal of NORAD (ties Canada into the US war machine)
Apr. 29th Art.1
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WV #148 (Editorials) Vote NDP to power (federal election)
Editorials) Vietnam and the (failure of the) CLC; Radical pioneers (review of “The Wobblies” by Patrick Renshaw)
Apr. 29th Art.2
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   “The status of women in Canada” (brief to the Royal Commission by the LSA-LSO):
What must be done?
Birth control, abortion; write women back into history; the myth of woman’s inferiority, what determines woman’s status?
Capitalism the source of inequality; Full partnership – under socialism; Footnotes;
Some key reading on the situation of women, by Ruth Blake; American suffrage movement; on woman’s role
May 13th
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WV #149 (unsigned, editorial)
Vote Class, Vote NDP! (says B.C. big shot)
Clyne calls the line (but NDP lacks a clear class line); Socialist press fund drive: We made it, over the top!
May 27th WV #150 (Editorial) Defeat the war parties!
June 10th Art. 1 WV #151 Liberals, Tories are avoiding the issues; why they fear the NDP
june 10th. Art.2 (Editorial) The candidates (wealthy Stanfield, Trudeau, Winters, etc.)
June 24th
Art. 1 Page 1
Art. 1 Page 2
WV #152
Left groups vow to fight DeGaulle ban (Balance sheet of French events)
Statement (of solidarity) by YS/LJS
June 24th Art. 2 (Editorial) Federal elections: Win, Lose, draw, NDP votes win
June 24th Art. 3 Crisis of U.K. labor; Lessons for Canadian socialists, by Anne Macdonald (Wilson betrays everything BLP ever stood for)
July 10th Art. 1 page 1
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WV #153
(Editorial) Trudeaumania wins; NDP remains firm
NDP blocked (analysis of failure of program)
July 10th Art. 2 Vive le Québec libre, LSO-LSA rally theme, by P. Kent (photos of Arthur Young and Ross Dowson speaking at convention)
July 10th Art. 3 Big gains for LSA-LSO, by Ross Dowson (57 delegates at Montreal convention)
July 29th Art. 1 WV #154 (unsigned, editorial) Trotskyists play vital role in French revolt (youth JCR in massive general strike); Campaign for end to ban (by DeGaulle regime)
July 29th Art. 2 (Editorial) The ‘public interest’ (Trudeau refuses wage increase to postal workers)
July 29th Art. 3 Which way for the NDP? Members discuss the election, by Anne Macdonald (Dan Heap calls for an activist party)
Aug. 12th Art. 1 WV #155 (unsigned, editorial) Czechs publicize Trotskyist views; Manifesto
Aug. 26th Art. 1 WV #156 (Editorial) Czechs resisting (Soviet) invasion
Aug. 26th Art. 2 (Review) “Soldiers of the International” (History of the CP of Canada 1919-1926) by William Rodney) by R.D.
Aug. 26th Art. 3
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Maurice Spector
(1898-1968); Pioneer Canadian socialist, by Ross Dowson (biographical notes)
(continuation) photo: Pioneers in the 1920s
Sept. 9th. Art. 1 WV #157 (unsigned, editorial) Soviet occupation meets stiff Czech resistance
Sept. 9th. Art. 2 (Editorials) What the Czech workers accomplished; Another case of Canadian hypocrisy (government denounces Soviet intervention)
Sept. 23rd Art.1 WV #158 Liberal MLA in Nfld. Comes over to NDP, by Anne Macdonald (NDY paper Confrontations hails ‘French revolution of 1968’)
Sept. 23rd Art.2
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(8 pages)
(LSO-LSA convention Document) « Quebec, The socialist viewpoint »
photo: Faithful servants of foreign capital”;
National struggle mobilizes Québécois workers, farmers, students”;
(some relevant reading);
"the class struggle";
(photos) "new faces on Quebec picket lines"– teachers… and hospital workers”;
(cartoon) Bertio, Le Devoir (Quebec throws all the old crap out of the window);
(photo) Quebec solidarity with Vietnam
Oct 7th. WV #159 Picton’s war on Poverty, by P. Kent (strike at Proctor-Silex)
Oct. 21st WV #160 Ontario NDP leaders compete for Left label, by Anne Macdonald (Federal and Ontario NDP notes)
Nov. 4th. Art. 1 WV #161 Challenge to labor ranks: Cost of living, by Ross Dowson
Nov. 4th. Art. 2 (Editorial) New anti-war forces (old “peace” establishment and CP being replaced)
Nov. 18 Art. 1 WV #162 A radical program for the NDP …Socialist Caucus program, by Anne Macdonald
Nov. 18 Art. 2 (Editorials) The war goes on (Johnson’s “halt” to bombing Vietnam); 4 pages –and a pledge (Vanguard)
Dec. 2nd Art. 1 WV #163 Tenants fight soaring rents, by P. Kent
Dec. 2nd Art. 2 (Editorial) Quebec: New stage in the student revolt (sit-ins follow French example)
Dec 16th Art. 1
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WV #164
(Editorials) Changes in the NDP (pressure of events shift leaders but require a socialist leadership)
End the repression of student militants!(witch-hunts and school closings in Quebec and Ontario)
Dec 16th Art. 2 Deutscher on the Jewish question (review of “The Non-Jewish Jew and other essays” by Isaac Deutscher) by P. Kent
Dec 16th Art. 3 (Review by Ross Dowson) “Poundmaker” by Norma Sluman, and “The new Indians” by Stan Steiner

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