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From October 1967, Editorials written by Richard Fidler and Ross Dowson

Jan, art. 1
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WV #125   Lies on bombings shock the world, “Unionists, protest!” (unsigned, editorial)
Ottawa hid facts
Jan, art. 2
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“Open the books” for the truth about prices (unsigned editorial)
“Open their books”
Jan, art. 3U.S. escalation in Vietnam presses anti-war forces towards unity, by P. Kent

Feb 15, art. 1WV #126 NDP should demand bank nationalization, by P. Kent
Feb 15, art. 2Massive teachers’ strike staggers Que. establishment, by Jean Laplante
Feb 15, art. 3NDP leader joins appeal for Blanco, by Ross Dowson

Mar 15, art. 1WV #127 Cuba’s P.M. Castro speaks out on bureaucracy and Soviet diplomacy (unsigned editorial)

April 15, art. 1WV #128 Int’l War Crimes Tribunal meets; Seeks Cdn. aid, by Jean Laplante
April 15, art. 2(Editorial) Drive for twice-monthly headed for success
April 15, art. 3LSA proposes united May Day (unsigned editorial)
April 15, art. 4
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The Power & Dilemma of the Trade Unions (Part 1 of 3)
(text of coming pamphlet) by P. Kent

May 15, art. 1WV #129 On nationalism; Banff seminar hears LSA (unsigned editorial)
May 15, art. 2
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The Power & Dilemma of the Trade Unions (Part 2 of 3)
(text of coming pamphlet) by P. Kent

June 15, art. 1WV #130 Hit widening expulsions by Ont. NDP leadership (unsigned editorial)

July 15, art. 1WV #131 (Latin American) Solidarity Congress faces Che’s challenge, by Ross Dowson
July 15, art. 2Labor councils defy smear by CLC brass (for support of Blanco defence), by P. Kent
July 15, art. 3
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The Power & Dilemma of the Trade Unions (Part 3 of 3)
by P. Kent

Aug 15, art. 1WV #132 Why Que hailed DeGaulle’s visit, by Jean Laplante
Aug 15, art. 2LSA/LSO Plenum meet discusses NDP, Quebec
Aug 15, art. 3
Page 1
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Page 3
(Cuban Revolution)
San Andres experiment shows aims , by Ross Dowson;
Fidel salutes Man:    July 26 celebrations
OLAS parley inspires world-wide greetings (Ross Dowson)
Aug 15, art. 4From the critics corner: Canadian Dimension, by R.D.

Sep 15, art. 1WV #133 War Crimes Tribunal continues its inquiry, by P. Kent
Sep 15, art. 2Fidel Castro scores CP’s ‘Peaceful Road’ (unsigned editorial)
Sep 15, art. 3Socialist writer historian dies (Isaac Deutscher), by Ross Dowson
Dick Fidler becomes Managing Editor (RD remains Editor)

Oct 2nd, art. 1
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WV #134
Dowson challenges Tory chief Stanfield in Nova Scotia by-election;
The issue: labor against capital, LSA candidate Dowson
Oct 2, art. 2Layoffs, subsidies: Stanfield’s N.S. record, by P. Kent
Oct 2, art. 3(Editorials) New twice-monthly (Vanguard) marks major advance; For NDP victories! (in Saskatchewan and Ontario)
Oct 16, art. 1WV #135 NDP youth back Dowson campaign against Stanfield (unsigned editorial)
Oct 16, art. 2Nova Scotia labor assails conditions, by P. Kent
Oct 16, art. 3(Editorial) Tell it as it is! (advice for NDP leader’s “idea man”)
Oct 30,art 1 page 1
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WV #136
Must nationalize DOSCO (in N.S.), by Ross Dowson
Photo: “Rowdy demonstration?” of Steelworkers’ children
Oct 30, art. 2Che Guevara: His cause will triumph (unsigned editorial)
Oct 30, art. 3LSA campaign wins as NDP forced to run (against Tory-leader designate Stanfield in N.S. riding) (unsigned editorial)
Oct 30, art. 4(Editorial) 50 years of the Russian Revolution
Oct 30, art. 5(Editorial) The elections and the NDP (NDP proven the party of labor in Saskatchewan and Ontario campaigns)

Nov 13, art. 1WV #137 Gov’ts hide pollution peril, by P. Kent
Nov 27, art. 1WV #138 (Editorial) Shorter work week answer to layoffs; 30 for 40
Nov 27, art. 2Tribute to the First Workers State (Ross Dowson speech report)

Dec 11, art. 1
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WV #139
(Editorial) Who will speak for Quebec?
Constitution is not the issue
Dec 11, art. 2“The Unfinished Revolution” (Review of) Isaac Deutscher’s last work, by R.D.

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