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Jan 15,art. 1
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WV #116 NDP must speak out on Ottawa’s Vietnam role, by Ross Dowson
Mobilize opposition against complicity in Vietnam War
mid-Jan,art. 2Ontario Teamster lockout projects battle cry –
No contract, No work! By P. Kent
mid-Jan,art. 3Fidel Castro’s attack on the Fourth International (unsigned, editorial content)

Mar,art. 1WV #117 Ontario unionists defy anti-labor injunctions; Hit strikebreaking

Mar,art. 2Editorial: Anything but what’s necessary (T.C. Douglas pooh-poohs Canadian opposition to Vietnam War)

Apr,art. 1WV #118 Teamsters solid, 40-hr. week now, by P. Kent
Apr,art. 2Editorials: Action on price gouging, Open the books – Douglas; The way ahead (for the anti-Vietnam War movement)
Apr,art. 3The Champion” by Paul Kane (Muhammed Ali)

href="1966/06_00-1.html">Jun,art. 1WV #119 (Editorials) Labor unity will halt Ottawa plot; Compulsory arbitration (longshoremen’s strike); Withdraw from NATO
Jun,art. 2LSA-LSO rally marks turning point (Toronto conference)

href="1966/07_00-1.html">Jul, art. 1WV #120 Step-up protests against Vietnam War, Aug. 6-9
Jul, art. 2Labor mobilizing to defend rights; Which way – Oshawa or Peterborough? By Ross Dowson “responsible” union action or militant struggles?

href="1966/08_00-1.html">Aug,art. 1WV #121 Que. hospital workers win against all odds, by Jean LaPlante
Aug,art. 2(Editorial) Grant Railway workers’ demands; No forced arbitration! Nationalize the CPR!
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What lies behind the crisis in China (the “Cultural Revolution”) by P. Kent
Mao Tse Tung; the Indonesian catastrophe(Communist Party Massacred)
Aug,art. 4Castro speaks on aid to Vietnam and on the path to power (in Latin America)

Sep,art. 1WV #122 Behind the crushing of the great rail strike
mid-Sept,art. 2
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BC workers urge General Strike as judge jails B.C. leader (Tom Clarke), by Ross Dowson
Legal strikebreaking; IWA leader Clarke defies boss court
Sep,art. 3Toronto anti-war movement split; Internationalism & single issue pretext, by P. Kent

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Shoppers protest gouging, (NDP leader) Douglas bares gov’t fraud, by P. Kent
End conspiracy, Open the books to the people!
mid-Oct,art. 2The Polish “Open Letter” reminiscent of Leon Trotsky’s views, by Ross Dowson

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Montreal (LSO) HQ raided; Left demands inquiry into police harassment, by Jean Laplante
Probe Quebec police, Mtl. rally demand

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