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Jan 15, art.1
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WV #105
Dump gov't (Great Lakes) trusteeship! Imperils labor warns Millard, by Ross Dowson
Gov't trusteeship must end!
Jan.15, art.2
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Editorials: On Winston Churchill, a relic from the past;
Jerry- Builders at work (rebuilding the image of John A.)
A warning to British Labor Party (by-election defeats)
Jan 15, art. 3
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New Belgian party (of the FI) by P. Kent
Belgian socialists to organize new party
Jan 15, art. 4Guarding the U.S.-Canadian border (from the threat of Joe Johnson alias "Metheu"s), by Ross Dowson

Feb 15, art. 1WV #106 Toronto strike deadlocked, Typos must take new turn, by P. Kent
Feb 15, art.2
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Editorials: Withdraw U.S. troops; self-determination for people of Vietnam;
To a critic on gov't trusteeship
Call it what it must become! (rename the NDP the Canadian Labor Party)

Mar.15, art.1
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WV #107 ...Speak out against U.S. horror weapons, escalation in Vietnam
Things will never be the same (protests against segregation in Selma, Alabama)

Apr 15, art.1WV #108 Editorial: May Day

June, art. 1WV #109 Gardiner-Givens hit hydro with compulsory arbitration, by Ross Dowson,
Toronto mayoralty candidate 1964
June, art.2
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(Unsigned, editorial) NDP leader Douglas denounces Ottawa's support of aggression in Vietnam and Santo Domingo
"Liberation front leading fight for self-determination" Douglas
Question of US troops
June, art. 3Editorials: It's not wage increases that are behind the price hoists
June, art. 4(unsigned, editorial) Statement on cancellation of Cdn. student tour to Cuba

July 15, art. 1WV #110 Fighter for a free Portugal (interview with Henrique Cerquiera) by Ross Dowson

Aug 15, art.1
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WV #111 Urges labor to "Raise hell over Vietnam" by Paul Kane;
Postal strike marks labor breakthrough, by P. Kent
Editorial: Meaning of the (Black) explosion of the Los Angeles ghetto
Aug 15, art. 2A new threat to unity of Ont. NDP? (brass threatens to move against Socialist Caucus), By Ross Dowson
Aug 15, art.3(unsigned, editorial) Student work-tour of Cuba; Cuba's ICAP replies to Fair Play on cancellation

Sep 15, art.1WV #112 All out for NDP victory on November 8th (federal elections)
Sep 15, art.2Phoney minority gov't plea (Communist Party gets in behind), by P. Kent
Sep 15, art.3Editorial: Ottawa's guilt in Vietnam

10_15-1aWV #113 VOTE NDP: The election issues; Canadian complicity in the war in Vietnam (unsigned editorial)
10_15-1bCorruption in Government; Medicare, pensions, education
Oct 15 art.2Editorial: Break the totalitarian grip of 985 who own Canada
Oct 15 art.3Why you should vote, elect the NDP; A challenge & response with voters (unsigned editorial)
Oct 15 art.4Millionaires "battle" over who to pull wool over eyes of working people, by Ross Dowson (Lib-Tory 'contest' in York West)

Dec, art.1WV #114 Teamsters in leadership fight to win 40 hr. week from bosses, by P. Kent
Dec, art.2 Editorials: The NDP in this election & what's next to be done
Dec, art.3Bookshelf (reviews) "The vertical Mosaic," by John Porter, written by K.P. (P. Kent?)
Dec. 15 art.1
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WV #115 Deep, wide poverty in affluent society Canadian way of life, by Ross Dowson
Searching for food scraps in the Montreal market
Dec 15, art.2Wilson backs imperialism; fails Rhodesian blacks, by P. Kent

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