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Jan, art.1WV #93 Editorials: Mobilize all Sask. behind public ownership of CPR

Feb, art.1WV #94Editorials: Keep Canadian troops out of Cypriot affairs!; Raw deal for socialist youth (expelled from Ontario NDP)
Feb,art.2 NDP ranks hit Sask. govt. plans for separate schools, by P. Kent

Mar, art.1
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WV #95 Mass protests kill Ont. police state bill, by Ross Dowson
Kill police state clause
Mar, art.2Editorials: The cheapest, most efficient kill (nuclear arms); More loyal than an opposition (NDP in Ottawa)
Mid Mar, art.1 page 1Speak out againest US Horror Weapons NEW as of Aug 10th 2007

mid-Apr, art.1WV #96 Garfield Weston, Tory-Lib, gov'ts, and SA apartheid; profit from boycott of S. Africa
mid-Apr, art.2Editorials: No troops for Vietnam! Withdraw from Cyprus!

mid-May, art.1 WV #97 Editorials: Behind the unfurling of Canada's new flag; Danger over Cuba! (Canadian silence over U.S. provocations)
mid-May, art.2A significant aspect of the Moscow-Peking dispute, by P. Kent(denunciations of Trotskyism)

mid-Jun, art.1WV #98 Editorial: No Canadian support for U.S. Southeast Asia policy!

mid-Jul, art.1
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WV #99 No Canadian support for U.S. in Vietnam!
Labour must take over NDP (make it a labour party)
mid-Jul, art.2Canada-Cuba trade and OAS; behind Liberal govt's policy, by Ross Dowson

mid-Aug, art.1WV #100 Unity only way to victory for Toronto Typos strike, by P. Kent

Oct, art.1WV #101 Stop Canada's entanglement in Malaysia, by P. Kent
Oct, art.2 Militant demos against Toronto Lords of the Press, by Ross Dowson
Mid Oct, art.1WV #102 Soviet teams space flight, Straight talk on War & Peace; a Hot potato - automation by Ross Dowson
Mid Oct, art.2 British labour in power, etc by Ross Dowson
mid-Oct, art.3Toronto LSA to run for Mayor, Controller (Dowson & Mitchell)
mid-Oct, art.4Khrushchev's "retirement" by P. Kent

Nov, art.1WV #103 NDP adds Waterloo South to Riverdale election win
Nov, art.2
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Tor. Labor in turmoil over (civic) electoral policy
Dowson only choice for Tor. Labor

Dec, art.1
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WV #104 Toronto election sees LSA score progress
Toronto LSA campaign for labour & socialism
Dec, art. 2
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Scarborough experiment not valid. (NDP must enter municipal field)
Photo: Pierre Maheu

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October 1964, Article 2  

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