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mid-Jan, art.1 WV 82 Editorial: Stop the drive to nuclear arm Canada!
Time is short! NDP must rally the people! Hold mass meetings!
mid-Jan,art. 2
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Issues in Russia-China rift ever more sharply debated, by P. Kent
An old Stalin lie repeated

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WV #83 Kennedy breaks govt.; Dief rallies machine, by Ross Dowson
Bosses fear Dief may harm alliance with U.S. capital
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Editorial: No nuclear arms for Canadians is the key issue in Apr. 8 election
Withdraw from NATO!

Mar,art. 1 WV (84A) Emotional about nuclear arms? You bet! Vote for life! Vote NDP!
Mar,art. 2 Editorial: NDP is out to win power; don't toss your vote away
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Lead Editorial: No nuclear arms for Canada; Work for, vote NDP April 8;
'A referendum on warheads' 'Decision of the generation,'challenges TC.Douglas
A call to immediate action (Vanguard sub drive)

Apr,art. 1 WV (84B) Tory-Liberal bi-partisan policy imperils all Canada vote NDP
Apr,art. 2 Editorial: Tories & Liberals confess it's strictly a put up job

May,art. 1
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WV #85 Editorial: Meaning of NDP vote and what's to be done
Talk-up and build the Left Wing!

June, Art. 1 WV #86 Sask. doctors attempt to sabotage Medicare, by P. Kent

July, Art. 1 WV #87 Liberals' first 60 days a mockery, by P. Kent
Jul, art. 2
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Editorial: NDP assembly must draw two year balance sheet!
(cont)NDP Convention challenge; The issues at Trial of the FLQ
Jul,art. 3European left examines needs of new Algeria, by Ross Dowson; Conference issues urgent appeal for aid to Algeria
Jul,art. 4Sino-Soviet dispute heads to crisis; repercussions spread across globe

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WV #88 Editorials: Second federal rally shows NPD is rooted
(cont)NDP Convention; The kind of aid we're for (foreign aid used against land reform)
Aug,art. 2Toronto labor faced with challenge of how to handle run-awayshops

Sep,art. 1WV #89 Editorials: Dief drives the point home (on nuclear warheads); For unity of the NDP! Time to change course! (interrupt Tory-Lib domination in Ontario)

Oct,art. 1WV #90 Editorial: Help Cuba!

Nov,art. 1WV #91 Editorial: Let the truth be heard on the assassinations (of J.F. Kennedy and L.H. Oswald);

Dec,art. 1WV #92 Editorial: Danger is from the Right; but peril lurks for Left (over assassination of J.F. Kennedy); Smearing the Trotskyists; Giving reaction a hand; CP does fink job
Dec,art. 2Cost of living reaches new peak; speculators plunder record profits, by P. Kent

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