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mid-Jan, art. 1WV #71 Royal York strike at turning point by P.Kent
mid-Jan, art. 2
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Editorials: Ontario by-election results a warning to all NDPers
Promise and performance (aid to Jagan and Castro turned down)
mid-Jan, art. 3
page 1
page 2
page 3
Rehash Stalin lies about Trotsky in place of an honest inquiry;
CP leader Morris and YCL editors, by Ross Dowson
On Trotsky's "Menshevism" & the PermanentRevolution
Morris and YCL
mid-Feb, art. 1
page 1, page 2
WV #72 Editorials: The meaning of Argue's desertion to Liberals (NDP leadership candidate)
For referendum on nuclear arms
mid-Feb, art.2(Union bureaucrats) Fail Royal York strikers by P. Kent
mid-Feb, art. 3
page 1, page 2
Morris toes Kruschov's line on Albania and doubletalks on the cult of Stalin, by Ross Dowson
mid-Mar, art. 1
page 1
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>WV #73 Editorials: We the people must vote, decide, on whether Canada nuclear arms; Urges Rabbi Feinberg; BC union takes poll: NDP opposes US testing
Support for referendum growing
mid-Mar, art.2 Castro hits out against factionalists, sectarians, by Paul Kane
mid-Mar, art. 3
page 1, page 2
Sask. Govt. sets health plan date; Medical/boss cabal sabotages, by Ross Dowson
(continued); Raise sights in Vanguard fund drive
mid-Apr, art. 1
page 1, page 2
WV #74 Editorials: Join in the struggle to elect an NDP government on June 18; Halt nuclear arms drive; For jobs for everyone:
On Swiss nuclear arms vote (lost, with no vote for women)
June art. 1
intro,  intro pg. 2 cover,    pg. 2~3  pg. 4~5  pg. 6~7  pg. 8~9  pg 10~11
WV #75 Pamphlet outlines interrelations of: The Socialists and the NDP
What the League for Socialist Action Is, and What it Stands For
June, art. 2
page 1, page 2
Who will rule Canada Labor or Capital? by P. Kent.
(continued)Working the old con game (NDP more than 'balance of power')
July, art. 1
page 1, page 2
WV #76 Boss parties foisting austerity on workers, by Ross Dowson
Plot to put boots to labor
July, art. 2
page 1, page 2
Editorials: How can the NDP go forward now?
(NDP) Not demarked from Liberal Party
July, art. 3What is the meaning of Cuban Revolution to Cdn. workers
Aug, art. 1
page 1, page 2
Editorials: Sask. NDP wins medicare; Yield much to doctors;
Doctors hope to subvert Medicare
Sept, art. 1WV #78 Editorial: Ont NDP starts debate on how to build party
Sept, Art.2
page 1, page 2
Curb on free speech hits labor, by Ross Dowson;
ECM, A-bombs issues in BLP, by Ross Dowson British labor struck by anti-fascist laws
Sept, Art. 3
page 1, page 2
Ranks of British Labour Party provide example to Cdn labor, by Ross Dowson
BLP ranks alive
Oct, art. 1WV #79 Editorials: NDP brass's program will not end crisis; debate new Ont. NDP program
Oct, art.2British youth keep banned paper going, by Ross Dowson
Oct,art. 3
page 1, page 2
"Peace and revolution" at Helsinki Youth Festival, by Ross Dowson
Cold war atmosphere
Oct,art. 4
page 1, page 2
Political action of British unions (at Blackpool), by Ross Dowson
No Polaris missiles, say British unions
Nov, art. 1WV #80 Sure of victory in next elections; BLP convention avoids conflicts;
Kennedy's Cuba blockade dynamite to Br. Tories (RD in Britain)
Nov, art.2BLP convention has wide impact;
(Cuban missile)Crisis sparks British protests
Nov, Art. 3
page 1
page 2
page 3
Full breadth of labor politics displayed at evening rallies, by Ross Dowson;
U.S. hits at Algeria, too close to Cuba
(BLP left-winger) Michael Foote barred
Democracy in BLP reaffirmed for some (RD in Britain)
mid-Dec,art. 1WV #81 Editorials: Stop RCMP methods from disrupting NDP;
Expulsions are everybody's business

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