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Jan, art. 1 WV #60 Anti-semitism spread by Dief commission; by P. Kent
Jan, art. 2Why, despite Cuban desires did their trade mission fail? By Jean Laplante
Jan, art. 3
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(2 pp.) Fight for a socialist policy for the new party!
For nationalization of the basic industries
Feb, art. 1WV #61 Editorials: Jobless won't fade away; short work-week is the answer;
Is referendum (against nuclear arms on Canadian soil) a good demand?
March, art. 1
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WV #62 Editorials: Democracy is key to building the new labor party
Make Mahoney eat his words (Steel union "statesman");
Shedding light on Korea and the boss press (the real reason China entered the Korean war)
March,art. 2Letters to the Editor: Reader hits B.C. CCF leaders (Editor's comment)
May, art. 3
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WV #63 Editorials: An open letter to Mr. Diefenbaker (PM) (his failure to challenge President Kennedy's threat to Canadian sovereignty)
What's in a name? (Labor and CCF debate question of name of new labor party)
June, art. 1
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WV #64 Editorials:Found "League for Socialist Action";
SIC and SEL unite to win (New Party) for socialism
(UN fails to act against Portuguese slaughter in Angola)...There is no hope here
June, art.2Launch left wing caucus to win the New Party to socialist policy;
BC S.I.C. joins forces with Toronto League; The L.S.A. is essential to future of New Party
June, art. 3
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Editorials:The need for the LSA & what it wants; For peace policy, public ownership
June,art. 4Strike Toronto housing to gain decent conditions; Shut down Toronto house construction
June,art. 5Make New Party force for peace; Break Canada from NATO, by Ross Dowson
mid-July,art. 1WV #65 New Party great leap forward. By Ross Dowson
mid-July,art. 2Lessons of conflict in British Labor Party, by P.Kent
mid-July,art. 3Editorials: (US President Kennedy) Stoking the fires of the Cold War;
The James Coyne Affair (Sales taxes and the Senate)
mid-Aug, art. 1
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WV #66 New Democratic Party founded; Join it, build it to win power;
Big union representation at stirring convention
mid-Sept,art. 1
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WV #67 Let the people vote on question of nuclear warheads for Canada
Editorials: Keep McCarthyism out of New Democratic Party ;
Call off RCMP,greet Robert F.Williams (US black fugitive from FBI)
mid-Sept,art.2Communist Party sharply assails fundamental character of NDP
(for "a democratic national coalition of patriotic forces for peace"), by P. Kent
mid-Oct,art. 1
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WV #68 Ont. New Democratic Party underway with high promise
mid-Oct,art. 2
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Editorials: Take up West Coast union's nuclear arms referendum!
For an end to all nuclear tests
mid-Nov,art. 1
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WV #69 Stalin "cult' felled by Soviet masses, by P. Kent
mid-Nov,art.2Editorial: It's high time to re-think where Canada must stand (Soviet moves toward democracy vs. Salazar's dictatorship)
mid-Dec,art.1WV #70 Oshawa victory boosts Ford & Chrysler workers (victory of GM auto workers)
mid-Dec,art.2Editorials:Protest the proscription of the Vanguard and Press;Defend democracy in the (BC) NDP;
Implement convention policy (Douglas should oppose NATO's nuclear arms in Canada)

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