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mid-Jan, art. 1
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WV (50)
Union busters sharpen line, by P. Kent;
Dief & Banker phoney line to justify Union Smashing
(Editorial): Lessons of the world-wide anti-Semitic outbreak
(Editorial): An Illustrative Experience (apathy at root of bigotry and continued rule of capitalism)
March,art.1 WV (51)How we can lick that gang of price-gougers
March,art.2 Competition with the USSR
March, art. 3
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To Win A Lasting Peace; Two Roads --- Which Way? By P. Kent (polemic with CPC Tribune)
mid-Mar, art. 1
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WV (52) The Truth Hidden Behind Mask That Moral Re-armament Wears, by P. Kent
Bess Macdonald obituary
mid-Mar, art. 2
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(Editorials) Talk But No Action 'Gainst NFLD and BC Union-Busting Laws
Something To Shout About (success of British SLL)
mid-Apr, art. 1
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WV (53)(Editorials) Why Doesn't Dief Speak Up Against Apartheid Murder?
US, Britain and UN Make the Record; Boycott S. African Goods!
mid-Apr, art. 2
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The truth behind the mask moral rearmament wears (part 2), by P. Kent
mid-May,art.1 WV (54) Sask. Medical Hierarchy Campaigns to Defeat CCF (on medicare)
mid-May,art. 2
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Tribute to George Stanton; Union militant & socialist, by R.D.
An appreciation of Stanton by BC CCF leader Cameron
mid-May,art. 3
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Editorials: Demand that Canada Break from NORAD and NATO Pacts;
Democracy Must Prevail (the right of Trotskyists to be CCF members)
(continuation) "special allowance for the admissionů"
mid-June,art 1 WV (55) Japanese Strike Blow For Peace, by P. Kent (Eisenhower cancels visit, PM resigns)
mid-June,art. 2
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Editorials: Repeal Immigration Laws! Grant Amnesty to Chinese!;
New Possibilities and Experiences (antiwar movement growing)
mid-July,art 1 WV (56) Sask Medical Hierarchy Plot to Defy Electorate (on medical care plan), by P. Kent
mid-July,art. 2
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Stop the cold war drive against Cuba
Overthrow of Castro regime plan of oil & sugar bosses, by R.D.
mid-July,art. 3
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(Editorials): Let The People Vote On Issue Of Nuclear Arms!; No Nuclear Arms for Canada!
Controversy on US Elections (we support SWP while CCF & labor brass support Democrats)
Aug, art. 1
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WV (57) UN engineers coup against Congolese
UN Fronts Imperialist Coup, by P. Kent
Sept, art. 1
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WV (57)(Editorials)
Bring Cdn. Forces Back Home from the Congo
Unemployment & Cuba . . .
mid-Oct,art 1 WV (58)(Diefenbaker) talks as worst jobless crisis looms, by R.D.
mid-Oct,art 2 (Editorials); Calling All Socialists (build the socialist wing of the new party);
Policy in Ceylon (Trotskyists participate in Popular Front?)
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WV (59) SEL carried Banner in Toronto Elections, by P. Kent
(continuation) Vied for hearing over radio & TV
WV (60) new article available Sept 1st 2007

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