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Jan,art. 1WV (38): Cubans oust hated Batista (editorial article)
Jan,art. 2Editorial: Farmer-Labor Party in danger(CCF)
Feb,art. 1WV (39) Unemployment (in Canada) by P. Kent
Feb,art. 2Logging bosses, courts, RCMP gang-up to keep 60 hr. week; NFLD strike -- By Paul Kane
Feb,art. 3Editorial: War still looms before us; To build houses like cars (planned obsolescence)
Feb,art. 4Castro denounces interference; Cuban people cry for justice
Mar,art. 1WV (40)Support Nfld. Loggers by 24-hour work stoppage
Belgians strike against layoffs
Mar, art 2
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Editorial: Mtl Council exchange ideas on need for correct international outlook; incl. Article by Ross Dowson
"Communist and workers parties," by Ross Dowson of the SEL
Mar,art. 3For a correct attitude to the Canadian working class
Apr, art.1WV (41) Editorials: Free Earl Laing, victim of NFLD union busting!
Gallup Polls 30 for 40 (shorter work week)
Apr, art.2
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The kind of program socialists should present to working class;
Bridge the present to the future; Progress made, by Paul Kane
Apr, art. 3(Column) Think it overů by P. Kent (Loggers' strike in Nfld.)
Apr, art. 4(Editorial Graphic) Pie-chart displays tax burden on the workers
May, art. 1
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WV (42)
Vote CCF and build Farmer-Labor Party, by R. Dowson
Vote CCF (page 2)
May,art.2Editorials: Talk and deeds on cleaning corruption from the Unions;
A lesson from local 198; A question of unity (Quebec CCF vs. the bloc against Duplessis)
June, art. 1 WV (43) Bomarc shows need (for) new foreign policy, by Ross Dowson,
June, art.2
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Ont. Vote no real test of labor party question;
New labor party and CCF, by P. Kent
June,art. 4Editorial: Do not fail Earl Laing! Build defence committee!
June,art. 5On Canada's space program
July,art. 1WV (44): British Labor rallies against H bomb policy
"Dump Bomb unilaterally" cry union and party ranks, by P.Kent
July,art. 2Editorials: Why was Laing charged (Nfld. Loggers' strike);
Just wind, no substance!(Cdn. Tribune on Canadian sovereignty)
Aug, art.1
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WV (45)
Editorials: How and how not to combat BC's (anti-labor) Bill 43;
General strike proposed;Delay emboldens labor-haters!
Aug,art. 3Tim Buck tries to bury Trotsky
Aug,art. 4Campaigners Meet Duplessis' Henchman, --Cliff Cotton
Sept,art. 1WV (46) Editorial: Khrushchov's visit signals USA retreat in Cold War
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Dief backs US in Laos; plot another Korea?
Dief backs US intervention against Laos freedom fight
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(setting up of new) labor party;
Winnipeg rally clears way for labor party, by P. Kent
Sept, art. 4U.S. Steelworkers fight boss and govt. offensive
Oct, art. 1WV (47) Editorials: (CPC leader) Buck defaults, reverts to type;
Dief and Mike cross swords (on disarmament)
Nov, art. 1WV (48) Editorial: A judge's blunt question gets a straight answer
(immigrant asked he would bear arms for Canada)
Nov, art. 2
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WV (48)Where is the Soviet Union going 42 years after the Revolution?
Undeniable vast achievements, Victory of planned economy;
Bureaucracy under fire (speech by Ross Dowson)
Dec, art. 1WV (49) Editorials: Govt coddles capital, workers left in Cold (uranium industry);
Dropping all pretenses (German Social Democrats turn right, Ontario CCF as well)

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