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Jan. art.1WV #26 NATO pact trembles; people want peace, by P. Kent
Irvine urges CCF break from NATO
Jan art. 2Editorials: 'ALTER THE COURSE'—CCF MP's!
What is causing unemployment?
Jan art. 3Mexican painter Diego Rivera artist of man in the machine age
Feb art. 1WV #27 Editorials: Petition against H-Bomb!
Old wine, new bottles (The Commonwealth,a tool of imperialism)
Mar., art.1
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WV #28 Vote socialist in Broadview; the real alternative to the Liberals and Tories: Ross Dowson
Tories and Liberals the same; A letter to the Ontario CCF; Meet the candidate
For Peace and Freedom, Jobs for all! Peace!
Mar.,art. 2Is Peace an issue in the March 31 election?
Mar.,art. 3
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Election Supplement:Jobs for all,Peace,vote for socialism
  : Interview with Dowson, Broadview SEL candidate
(Interview continued),Jobs for all
What we get from the Liberals..and Tories, and what the people need
Apr.,art. 1
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WV #29
CCF failures aided Tories; (CCF) offered no vision;
SEL campaign real success
Apr.,art. 2
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LPP defeated CCFer, split Winnipeg vote;
(continued)What's behind the vote polled by the CCF?
April art. 3Editorials: Calling all socialists! Regroup!Get together! Discuss!
May art.1WV #30 Editorials: Put our own house in order (civil rights); Khrushchev in Hungary
June art. 1WV #31 French workers prepared; SP-CP leaders failing them

June art. 2
Time for action against murderous H bomb tests; Neither weep nor laugh (decline of CCF)
June art.3Sask. Govt. defeats 40 hr. week, by Cliff Cotton
July art. 1WV #32 Man. CCF doubles seats in Tory election sweep (RD)
July art. 2Editorials: No nuclear arms for Canada
Aug, art. 1
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WV #33
Tory govt serves as front for imperialism in the Mideast, by P. Kent
Aug art.2Editorials:
Let the people vote on issue of war or peace;
Doing a job at the UN (Canada's UN diplomacy saves the day again)
Sept art. 1WV #34 Editorials:
The new Labor Party (unions move to replace CCF);
Hunger amidst plenty (Natives suffer starvation)
Sept art. 2Stanley Park (BC CCF) forum hears Dowson
Oct, art. 1
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WV #35
Battle Ont. lockout, B.C. anti-union laws (P. Kent);
Your help needed now to raises $2,000 fund
Oct, art. 2
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Out of CLC-CCF conferences must come:
page 2 continuation : photos Jodoin, Coldwell Buck, Labor Party, not Liberal-Labor bloc;
Nov art. 1WV #36 Toronto unionists debate elections
Vote Labor, vote socialist! Tax the wealthy
Nov art. 2 Program of action '58 Toronto (civic) election;
Nov art. 3Block evictions and Repossessions!
Nov art. 4 What is at stake! (4 SEL candidates)
Nov art. 5Tim Buck cracks down on ranks ;Old-time revisionist confesses his guilt
Nov art. 6Editorials:
Crime at Springhill (coal mines); what next for heroes;
The campaign against Pasternak (vilification in Soviet press)
Dec art. 1WV #37 All-out help to Mine Mill (P. Kent) (Sudbury strike)
Dec art. 2Editorials:
(Quebec Union federation) urges investigation of prices;
"Buy Canadian", and (the burden of) Tariffs—No answer
Dec art. 3SEL conducted dynamic Toronto (civic) election fight; Socialists campaign

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