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Jan, art. 1WV Vol. II No. 2 CPR forces showdown strike over diesels with firemen, by Jean LaPlante
Jan, art. 2SEL vote highlights Toronto civil election (RD mayoralty candidate)
Jan, art. 3Editorials: Frame-up (Kremlin slanders Hungarian insurgents); Over
Feb, art. 1WV Vol. II No. 3 (15) Editorials: Immigration policy (the Hanna case of stateless man);
Willing to hog-tie labor (rail workers)
March art. 1
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WV #16 Health plan needed, by P. Kent;   Lib-Tory plan is just a subsidy to hospitals;
(cont.)Govt. survey reveals crying need for socialized health services
Mar, art. 2 LPP faction fight faces convention, by Ross Dowson
Mar, art. 3Editorials: (Duplessis') Padlock law broken (Supreme Court ruling); With eyes wide open (Vanguard continues support of CCF despite right turn)
April, art. 1WV #17 CCF endorsed by Ont. labor, by Ross Dowson
April, art. 2Health plan opposed by big (medicine) by P. Kent
April, art. 3Editorials: Behind the probe of Beck (Senator McCarthy investigates Teamster leader); They are all guilty (suicide of Canadian ambassador to Egypt)
May, art. 1WV #18 Boss parties hum old tune, by Ross Dowson (federal election campaign and the CCF)
May, art. 2Editorials: Not racket ridden butů (business unionism); Our cultural benefactors (rich's minority rights seen to need protection)
June, art.1
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WV #19
Stop H Bomb tests , Aid colonial people (SEL electoral statement);
Program for labor
Socialism is the issue
June, art. 2Salsberg abandons (Stalinist) LPP; issues public statement
June, art. 3Firemen upset council-mayor holidays by Ross Dowson, Mayoralty candidate
June, art. 4Editorials: The problem and the answer! (Organizing the unorganized); Is this prediction a program? (CCF leader T.C.Douglas sees left-wing allies in capitalist parties)
July, art. 1WV #20 Protest vote by-passes CCF; which way labor politics? By P. Kent
Aug, art. 1WV #21 Leon Trotsky 1879-1940 by Ross Dowson (17 anniversary of his assassination by Stalinist agent)
Aug, art. 2Editorials: LPP (Stalinists) and Tribune silent as purged denied hearing (in Moscow); A case for political action (dismissals before pension)
Sep, art. 1WV #22 Editorial:Help them win! (Steel union strikes in Murdochville, Quebec)
Sep, art. 2Behind the silence on the Tories (Tribune calls for support to new Diefenbaker government);
Not for workers and farmer government(CCF & LPP Stalinists seek "progressives")
Oct, art. 1WV 23 Editorial: (Soviet) Satellite opens new vistas; but throws military and atom diplomats into panic; Frank words (capitalist politicians cede to "experts")
Oct, art. 2Polish students fight for freedom of speech, by P. Kent;
Polish Youth Demonstration Provoke mass response
Nov, art. 1
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WV #24 Hastings-Frontenac Election issue
:A new foreign policy;
Vote Dowson on Nov. 4; for Peace and freedom,
$12 billion wasted;policies bankrupt  (Dowson candidate as CCF abstains)
Nov, art. 2Dowson or Smith (Dowson challenges Tory cabinet minister acclamation)
Dec, art. 1
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WV #25
WV Special (election) Supplement: What the SEL really wants (answers smears in federal by-election) Socialist Edctl League; Its aims & objectives What the SEL Really Wants
Dec, art. 2Campaigning in Hastings
Dec, art. 3
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CCF leaders intervene in Hastings-Frontenac;
Red-bait opponent of Tories;
Dowson letter replies to Coldwell
Dec, art. 4
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SEL fought effective by-election campaign
Dec, art. 5Editorial: Speak no evil (about unemployment);Intnl. Solidarity blocks gov't.; SIU strike, by P. Kent
(ICFTU threatens embargo against Tory strikebreaking)

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