Workers Vanguard


1955 Index of Ross Dowson Archives

Note: This is the first issue of Workers Vanguard, starting December of this year, and running continuously through the class struggles of the fifties and sixties until January, 1970, ending on issue No.189. At that time it's supporters continued its work under the name Labor Challenge

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 page 1  WV Vol. 1 No. 1 For a labor administration; top polls with Dowson Mayor, Stanton Board of Control
 Page 2  Page 3  (Dowson-Stanton) Toronto municipal Election program
  "   " (page 2 Election program) "A labor stronghold, municipal ownership of gas"
 Page 4   Page 5  Socialist Education League organized (RD national secretary
  "   " (page 2 SEL article)"Announce formation of SEL"
 Page 6  Editorial : The election issue (labor to power!)

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