The primary purpose of pool covers is to keep the pool water clean and reduce cleaning time as they prevent dirt and other debris from penetrating the pool water. From this simple description of the requirement in a pool cover, technically speaking, that only needs to be able to keep the dirt off the pool water is a massive plastic sheet to cover the surface of the pool water and protect it. It is very much available on any lumber stores nationwide. However, if to think dipper, purchasing the said sheet is not the right choice. That simple plastic sheet is hard to store and very difficult to handle. It tears easily, and direct sunlight can deteriorate it quickly. The use of the said material as a pool cover only guaranteed to last in one or two seasons. So because of these reasons why pool covers should be a high-quality plastic material. The material should count on for long and able to fight different circumstances. 

However, in this year and age, pool covers are made to offer more than just a typical swimming pool cover against dirt, debris, and other elements. The reality is, pool owners use pool covers more than the shield against dirt but also to conserve water and heating costs. 

What Material Are Pool Covers Made Of

Those can do. Pool covers can help conserve water and reduce heating costs. They are capable of minimizing water evaporation, so water has preserved. Refilling pool water does not require to do often. Some swimming pool covers can even attract solar energy and disseminate the heat to warm the pool water to a certain point that it can keep the warm only in the pool water, not allowing it to escape. So that explains how pool covers can help in heating costs reduction.

With those features, material composition is essential for pool covers in which will only define the success of its functions. Pool covers typically made of vinyl, polypropylene, and polyethylene UV stabilized sheets. 

The UV Stabilized Polyethylene Material

It is a type of plastic most produced around the globe. Numerous products normally made from it. From pipes, garbage bags, up to the children’s toys and even the fuel tanks of most cars. It is what pool covers made of it because it has high sought to lie in between strength and lightweight. Moreover, it is flexible, possesses good insulation, and higher resistance against mold and corrosive materials. 

The UV Stabilized Polypropylene Material

It possesses the same qualities with the UV stabilized polyethylene material with the only difference in quality that polypropylene plastics are slightly less durable. 

The UV Stabilized Vinyl Sheet

It is a durable and sturdy plastic material with high resistance against moisture and humidity. Manufacturers chose using the vinyl plastic material in some pool covers for the reason that it is cheaper when speaking of production costs and because of its quality to last longer. It has a longer life span.

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