There are two major types of swimming pool covers commonly used by homeowners these days. These are the mesh pool cover type and the solid pool covers.

To describe the appearance and function:

Mesh covers are the fine and tightly knitted fiber in which water can go through. They are more durable and will not need a pump to remove water. It also has no risk of drowning from the puddled water. However, because of the holes, sediments, and light can pass through. The chlorine level also has the chance to lower the level down. So the result, algae growth comes next, which needs frequent cleaning of the swimming pool.   

While solid pool covers are merely solid materials that are vinyl or plastic in appearance, they have no holes. They are perfect solid from the name itself. The advantages of this cover are the opposite of the mesh cover. It blocks light, sediments, debris, chlorine level is not affected, can’t grow algae– thus swimming pool stays clean. However, like the advantages, the disadvantages of this cover also are the counterpart of that of the mesh covers. That it is more expensive to buy and install. It also requires a pump to drain water and can cause drowning when refuse to do so. 

how much to cover a pool

Both types offer a variety of options to fit on any swimming pool (shapes, sizes, colors). They are both need to install through anchors on different sides of the pool. They cover the swimming pool to give protection and maintain the cleanliness of the water. 

When it comes to installation and the expenses:

Mesh pool covers are lightweight compared with solid pool covers. In so doing, placing of the cover can perform by only one person. Most homeowners prefer this type of pool cover for this reason. They also cost less to avail and install. A mesh cover usually costs $1,200-$3,000 that depends on the shape and size of the swimming pool.

On the other hand, solid pool covers may purchase at $1,800-$3,600 in price. It is almost $600 more than the price of the mesh cover. They are heavy and not easy to install.

Any of the two covers needs about $500-$1,000 for the initial installation that still varies on the size of the swimming pool. Ongoing installation price for mesh cover closer is $100, and $500 for the solid pool cover closer. It again depends on the swimming pool size. In totality, to close a pool with a mesh cover, you will need an amount of $2,700. While the solid pool covers, initial installation costs $3,700. The figures are from the same size of the swimming pool. A 16ft. X 32ft. Standard pool size.  

A piece of advice: Know what swimming pool cover you need. For safety purposes, place a safety cover on top of the pool cover. It is to keep kids and everyone from drowning. It’s a little safety precaution while the swimming pool is not available for use.   

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